Renting in Spain

Moving to Spain with a view to buying your own dream home in the sun? We can help.

Living in Spain

There are practical issues that you will need consider from opening a bank account to becoming a resident or not.

Calling all Owners

If you have decided to rent out your property on the Costa del Sol, The Home Care On The Web team can help!

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At HomeRentalontheWeb, we strive to reduce the stress and uncertainty involved with finding a new place to live, and ensure that your new start in a new rental property is a positive one. Our bi-lingual team of Rental professionals can guide you through the different stages you need to know. They can help you with information from location and areas to making sure you have all the documentation and understand the whole process of Long-term renting.

We ensure that safeguards are in place for both the tenant and the property owner, including taking up references and having detailed rental contracts with owners and tenants, clearly outlining who is responsible for what, should any problems occur.

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