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Spain guide – Bullfighting

Although for many non-Spaniards the ethics of bullfighting are questionable, what is beyond doubt is the sport’s enduring status as one of the defining icons of Spanish cultural heritage. Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles were both fascinated by the art, so much so that Hemingway immortalised bullfighting in his book “Death in the Afternoon”, whilst Welles’ immersed himself so deeply in the bullfighting world, his ashes are interred in a well in the country estate of a Spanish bullfighting legend called Antonio Ordoñez.

If you want to go along and see the spectacle for yourself, the bullfighting season runs between April and October and throughout the season bullfights featuring some of Spain’s most celebrated bullfighters or ‘Toreros’ are staged at both Marbella’s bullring and at the bullring just outside Puerto Banus. Tickets can be bought on the day of the fight from vendors outside the bullring. Continue reading “Spain guide – Bullfighting”

Costa del Sol Information – Sports

The Costa del Sol is famous for its golf courses, so much so that it is often referred to as the ‘Costa del Golf’. Living in this area means you will have easy access to one of the highest concentration of golf courses in the world, so it’s a dream for golf enthusiasts. There are also a number of tennis and padel clubs where you can go and play, take lessons, watch matches or take part in competitions. There are also many fitness centres and opportunities for water sports.

Here are a selection of tennis clubs and sports facilities. For a full list including all the golf courses in the area, please download our Living on the Costa del Sol Guide. Continue reading “Costa del Sol Information – Sports”

Useful Spanish phrases

We’ve asked Spanish Teacher Michelle Lewis to contribute a monthly post for the blog to help our readers improve their Spanish. She’s pulled together a host of useful phrases here to get you started!  

¿Dónde está ………………….? Where is, just add desired place or object, e.g.:

¿Dónde está el ayuntamiento? – Where is the town hall?

¿Cuánto cuesta? – How much does it cost? (One item)

¿Cuánto es? – How much is it? (End total of a few items) Continue reading “Useful Spanish phrases”

Would you know who to call in an emergency?

If you are living in Spain please make sure that you and your kids know the number to call in the case of an emergency – 112. This a Europe wide emergency number and can be called from any country to get help from the police, ambulance or fire service. There are also specific numbers and helplines dedicated to certain problems which are listed on the Emergency Services Costa del Sol page on AngloInfo. There are also a list of Spanish words to help you communicate if you are in this position on this page.

If you want to be able to communicate in English if there’s a problem you are not alone, it’s difficult enough to explain a health complaint in your own language! Many expats on the Costa del Sol use a private emergency service such as Helicopteros Sanitarios. They have a fleet of ambulances to take you to hospital if needed but also offer a home doctor service and helpline with bilingual medical staff which can really put your mind at rest. This can be a cheaper alternative to going private as you know there’s always someone who speaks English available to help.

To find out more useful advice on living in Spain or to find long-term rentals in Spain please visit our website.