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Marbella Fair – La Feria de San Barnabé

If you’re living in the Marbella area and looking for something traditional to do with the family, then you should definitely visit the Marbella San Bernabe annual fair. It’s a chance to soak up the Spanish culture and a fantastic way to meet local people and feel part of the community. It’s a fun filled week and will especially keep you busy if you’ve got children to entertain. This year the fair will be from 6th-12th June. Continue reading “Marbella Fair – La Feria de San Barnabé”

En el Jardín – In the Garden

If you’ve just moved to Spain and have settled in your new long-term rental on the Costa del Sol, then why not make your new house a home, starting with a touch of gardening. Spring has sprung, and for all of you with green fingers we’ve put together some gardening Spanish phrases and vocabulary to help you on your way.

En el Jardín – In the Garden

Hace falta desherbarlo. – It needs to be watered

Hace falta regarlo. – It needs to be watered.

Hace falta cortar el césped. – The grass needs to be cut.

¿Cuándo hay que sembrarlo? – When does it need to be seeded?

¿Cuándo hay que podarlo? – When does it need to be pruned?

¿Cuándo hay que plantar los semilleros? – When do the seedlings need to be planted?

¿Se necesita abono / herbicida? Does it need fertilizer / weed killer?

¿Están maduras? – Are they ripe?

¿Se necesita más / menos agua? – Does it need more / less water?

Tiene pulgón. – It’s got greenfly Continue reading “En el Jardín – In the Garden”

ADANA Dog Show – 8 May 2011

ADANA (Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals) is an animal charity on the Costa del Sol. They focus on providing shelter and care for sick, abandoned or injured animals.

The annual ADANA dog show will be  held on Sunday 8th May 2011 in the palacio de congresos in Estepona.

As supporters of the ADANA charity, HomeCare are helping to promote the upcoming dog show event. For all you animal lovers out there, please come along and show your support to this local volunteer run charity. It’s a great way to get involved with your local community and meet like-minded people with similar interests, especially if you’re new to the area.

Entry to the show is 5€ for adults and children are free. Entry to classes is 4€ and Junior handlers are free provided at least one other class is entered.

Registration starts at 10.00 and judging at 11.00.

Best in Show will be judged at 15.00.

For more information about the dog show please take a look at the ADANA website.