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Learning Spanish – False Friends

 False Friends – Amigos Falsos

If you rent long term on the Costa del Sol, learning Spanish can make your time here a lot more enjoyable. The Spanish people are very polite, and you find they are willing to help you much more if you make an effort to speak their language rather than just asking if they speak yours.

False friends are words in one language that are similar or identical to words in another, but whose meanings are different. Here are a few every day words that fall into this category. Hope this helps misunderstandings or indeed embarrassing moments!

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New Rules For Pet Passports

Great news for pet owners, from January 1st new regulations have been introduced for pet passports. Previously, owners have been required to wait six months for a rabies blood test certificate before their beloved pets to be returned to the UK, however the new regulations mean the animal can now be eligible to travel from just 21 days after vaccination.

Many people who rent long term on the Costa del Sol have dogs and cats so its excellent news that owners now have more freedom to easily bring them with them and take them back to the UK at will. Continue reading “New Rules For Pet Passports”