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Why rent your property out long term?

Over the past 5 years, the long term rental market on the Costa del Sol has grown immensely. Hundreds of families have moved here looking for a better quality of life, or to try before they buy, and the slow-down in property sales has left the long-term rentals market with a year round demand for quality accommodation.

Interestingly though, there is a lack of good quality, well priced, long-term rental properties in the most popular areas such as Marbella, Fuengirola and Estepona. Many home owners are tempted by the income from holiday rentals which is the most suitable option for some, but this is mostly seasonal so if you don’t want to have your property sitting empty, long term rentals is a great option.

Contracts usually start from six months and can be as long as two years, providing you with a steady stream of income every month. This doesn’t mean you can’t come on holiday while you have tenants in though! In fact, many of our homeowners who were only using their property for a few weeks of the year now look forward to renting a separate holiday home so you never have to miss out on your summer break!

The tenant would pay you a fixed rate over an agreed period of time, plus all the utility bills during their stay. A safety deposit would also be taken at the beginning of the contact for your peace of mind. The change in rental laws in Spain last year also make things easier for landlords if they need their property back!

HomeRentalontheWeb has taken care of hundreds of properties and tenants on behalf of homeowners in Spain. From finding tenants, managing contracts and sourcing references to dealing with any problems that occur or maintenance work, we have it covered!  Read our blog for more things to consider when renting your property long term, or feel free to call us on (0034) 952 839 595.


Medical translation line for expats in Andalucia

One of the best ways to settle into your new rental home on the Costa del Sol is to start learning Spanish as it will make your time here much easier and you never know when you may need to use it, such as in an emergency.

We don’t like to think we will ever need to go to the doctors or use the emergency services but sometimes we may need to and you could have a hard job trying to explain what the problem is as many healthcare workers in Spain don’t speak any English.

Luckily though, in Andalucia we have an excellent telephone translation line called the Salud Responde (Health Response line), which has helped thousands of expats in the area communicate at doctors and hospitals. The vital phone line helps patients and health workers understand each other quickly and easily so in times of emergency or stress this has proved a big relief to many.

The Health Response line can be used when making an appointment, during an appointment and to understand test results so now you can relax knowing you always have someone who can translate for you in the touch of a few buttons. This very useful translation line has been used by hundreds of thousands of Brits since the launch in 2009 and can even be used for translation of wills, medical records and when donating blood.

When it comes to the pharmacy though, it definitely pays to learn the lingo. Here you can read our previous blog with some useful free Spanish tips to use in ‘La farmacia’ to help get you started!

When a translator is needed, simply phone the help line on 902 505 060 24 (information and services centre) or 902 505 066 for Primary care appointment line hours 365 days per year. In an emergency dial 061. You can also email the Salud Response line for information.