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Learning Spanish – Talking about your work

bigstockphoto_Business_Woman_5135305Renting long term on the Costa del Sol and living and working here means that the Spanish you need to get to know someone often starts with discussing what you do for a job. This means you need a good grasp of the vocabulary for professions and know how to ask and answer questions. Here’s a short run down of helpful vocabulary to talk about what you do: Continue reading “Learning Spanish – Talking about your work”

British Passport fees reduced

passportGreat news for British nationals living in Spain who need to renew their passports or apply for a new one for their child, there is a 35% reduction in fees for people applying from overseas. This equates to a significant saving of £45 for adults and £28.50 for children, made possible by efficiency savings made by closing down the Madrid passport processing centre and bringing the service back to the UK, amongst other things.

You can renew or replace a passport or apply for a new passport for your child using the really useful Gov.UK website, it takes three weeks to get a new passport, longer for the first passport for a child. Visit this page and it will walk you through the stages of the passport application. You can download the form and send it with all the required documentation to the UK for processing and you can track the process online as well.