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We try and help our clients planning to rent long-term in Spain move over, settle in and make arrangements, but the bureaucracy can be really tough to handle and the right information is often very hard to come by. Thankfully we’ve found a really great organisation called the Costa Advice Bureau that can offer you impartial and confidential advice and support on all areas of living and working in Spain which we’d highly recommend.

For an annual membership fee of 95€ they are available in person or on the phone throughout the year to offer support and advice about issues such as Inheritance tax & Wills, Town Hall and NIE registration, passport renewals, social security, tax advice and they’ll even come along with you to the police station should you need it.

Having access to up to date knowledge and informed advice is fantastic and gives you the peace of mind that there’s someone there to help whenever you need them. Support with navigating the Spanish system is always appreciated and at 95€ for the year, it seems like money well spent.

Should you need more help, they can refer you to a trusted network of professionals to deal with more complicated issues and ensure that you are being treated fairly and paying the right amount. To find out more about the organisation and sign up to become a member visit www.costaadvicebureau.com

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