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Making Sure Your Pets Are Looked After on the Costa del Sol

Many people who rent long term on the Costa del Sol chose to take their cats and dogs with them, especially now that it has become easier than ever to do so with the new pet passport.
Moving can be a little stressful for animals, the journey can be tiring and there are many changes to experience which may leave them feeling a little under the weather.
It is a good idea to make yourself aware of the services available which will help to look after your furry friends, should they encounter any problems while in their new home town.
Registering your pet with a veterinary surgery here in Spain is a simple process and most speak good English. You can pop along to your local practice and register on the spot providing that you bring documentation such as a pet passport and up to date vaccination log. If you do not have these, the process may take a little longer.
You will usually be required to book a quick check up to make sure that your pet is fit and healthy and not in any distress from the move to their new home.
The micro chip service offered in Spain is the same as within the UK. This is an important process when moving; it only costs a small amount and can prevent your pet from becoming lost, should they decide to go off on an unexpected adventure. Most surgeries will offer advice on insurance, grooming and boarding kennels within the area, along with guidance on how to help your pet adjust to its new surroundings.
Many surgeries provide 24 hour and emergency appointments; however there are some which have restricted hours. You should check with your local practice to avoid panic in the case of an emergency.
Details of English speaking vets can be found within one of the many free English language publications.
If you are looking for long term property rentals in Spain, please view our available properties online or contact us on UK 0208 123 58 53, Spain +34 952 83 95 95.

Buying Second Hand Cars on the Costa del Sol

If you rent long term on the Costa del Sol, chances are you will need transport. Long term car rentals can work very well and provide you with a reliable car and peace of mind, although it is worth keeping in mind that during the summer months prices usually go up substantially. For a longer term solution most people end up looking for a car to buy. Our rental clients often ask us for advice on general day to day issues about settling into life on the Costa del Sol and here are three of the most commonly asked questions about buying cars;

 Where is the best place to look for second hand cars?

There are many places to look for second hand cars such as classified ads, newspapers, auto magazines, plus auction websites such as Ebay Spain. Many people find reassurance with buying from a dealer as they usually come with one year warranty, however many people choose to buy from private individuals so they can get a better price. Basically there is no best place to find good second hand cars, it just depends what you’re looking for. If you can speak a little Spanish, you may even get a better deal by buying from places such as where Spanish dealers and individuals advertise cars for sale.

Is it expensive to buy vehicles here?

Compared to the UK cars are generally more expensive here. However on the plus side, car insurance is cheaper in Spain than the UK.

What paperwork do i need to buy a car in Spain?

A foreigner can buy a Spanish – registered car in Spain if they have at least ONE of the following;

  • An official residents permit
  • Proof that they are a Spanish home owner
  • Documentation of being registered as an inhabitant (empadronamiento) issued within 3 months prior to purchase
  • A rental contract for the minimum duration of one year
  • NIE or NIF number

The buyer and seller should also draw up a sale agreement (contracto de compraventa) or the seller should provide an invoice. Either document should show the details of the vehicle, names of the buyer and seller, the sale price agreed, plus the time and date of sale. This information is used to make sure any traffic fines associated with the car are assigned to the correct person.

Next you will need a transfer of ownership form (Solicitud de transmisión de vehículos) which is signed by the buyer and the seller and a copy given to each. The transfer of ownership form is usually provided by the buyer and is available to download here.

The transfer of ownership is then finalised by the local traffic department (Jefatura de Tráfico) by registering the car in your name within 30 days of purchase. You can find your local traffic department here. The cost of doing this is currently 4% of the vehicle’s value. Documents you will need to supply are;

  • ·         The copy of the transfer of ownership (Solicitud de transmisión de vehículos)
  • ·         A copy of the sale agreement, plus copy of the seller’s ID
  • ·         The relevant paperwork provided by the seller;
    • Vehicle registration document (Permiso de Circulación)
    • ITV certificate as proof of roadworthiness
    • o   Receipt for municipal vehicle tax
    • If you are a foreigner you will also need to provide proof of habitation in Spain as listed above.

Remember to get the vehicle checked over for your peace of mind if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself. Take a look at this directory of mechanics to find one in your area.

To find out more about buying and selling vehicles in Spain from our friends at Anglo Info, click here.

For more information on settling into life in Spain or to view our list of long term rental properties on the Costa del Sol visit our website.

New Changes to Rental Agreements in Spain

This month the Government has announced new changes to rental agreements in Spain.

Under previous law there was no easy way to evict a tenant without their agreement. If they were up to date with their rent payments and refused to leave, there was little homeowners could do to regain possession of their property for a period of 5 years (this has now been reduced to three years). Evicting a non-paying tenant could also be a slow and frustrating process for homeowners.

From now on if tenants do not keep up with payments they will be notified of a 10 day period in which the balance must be paid. If the balance is not paid without a valid reason, the court will issue an eviction order immediately.

The new law also cuts the maximum legal duration of rental contracts from eight years to four years and if the owner or his family needs the property back, he now only has to give the tenant two months’ notice. Rafael Catalá, Secretary of State for Infrastructure has said that reducing the maximum duration of rental contracts will bring more properties onto the market giving owners more peace of mind.

However there is good news for tenants also. The new law means that tenants may now cancel their rental agreements at any time provided they give at least one months’ notice.

If you would like any more information on long term rental agreements in Spain, give us a call on UK 0208 123 5853, Spain 952 839 595 or visit our website.

Renting long term on the Costa del Sol – Featured properties


Every year, hundreds of people decide to move country in search of a better quality of life, and its no wonder the Costa del Sol is a favourite choice for many of them.Famous for its spectacular weather, excellent choice of things to do, good international schools and medical care, this part of Spain is very attractive to a variety of people from young couples and families to retirees.

Renting long term on the Costa del Sol is a great way to feel settled in quickly with the majority of properties fully furnished and equipped, ready to go. There is also the option of a six month rental contract if you are just here for the summer or winter months or you would like to try living in the area before committing to buy.

Here are two of our featured properties available for long term rent at the moment, both of which are nearby to some world class sporting facilities and offer the fabulous Mediterranean lifestyle.

Three bedroom apartment, Benalmadena Costa


This property sleeps up to six and is situated in a very secure complex just two minutes from the beach and famous golf course of Torrequebrada.  Within walking distance you have the stunning marina where you will find a great selection of restaurants and things to do. Click here for more details

Two bedroom apartment, Mijas Costa


This newly decorated apartment sleeps up to four and is situated in one of the most picturesque gardens on the Costa del Sol, just minutes away from the world famous Lew Hoads Tennis Club and local golf courses. Click here to find out more about this property.

To view our full list of long term rental properties on the Costa del Sol or to read our Tenants FAQ’s visit our website at

Update on NIE number changes

There has been much talk about the changes to NIE numbers in the last few months. Firstly the announcement was made that one could no longer obtain an NIE number through power of attorney, it had to be done by you in person at the local police station which proved inconvenient for many. Information was then published about the NIE number expiring every three months. We confirmed this was slightly misleading and in fact your NIE number stays with you for life, it is just the paper certificate which expires every three months. You can read more about that here.

We can confirm now though that from 13th April 2012, it is possible to obtain an NIE number through the power of attorney once again. This is good news for hundreds of people who come to the Costa del Sol to buy property or long term rent and takes some of the stress out of the process for them.

If you are looking to rent long term on the Costa del Sol this year and would like some helpful information on finding the right property for you, obtaining NIE numbers or any other property related advice please contact us via email  or call us on 0208 123 5853 or  +34 952 839 595.


Learning Spanish – The Beauty Salon

Summer in Spain is fast approaching and one great way to prepare your mind and body for the hot season is taking a trip to the salon for a good pampering! Here are some useful Spanish words and phrases to help you at the beauty parlor.

Continue reading “Learning Spanish – The Beauty Salon”

Self Employment on the Rise in Spain

Thousands of people move to Spain every year in search of a better way of life. However, due to the lack of jobs it seems hundreds of expats have made the choice to move back to the UK to improve their finances and chances of finding work.

For some however, the lack of jobs has not sent them packing but instead given them the idea to set up their own company. With so much competition for the few available positions and around 237 jobs lost in Malaga every day, many people are looking at self employment as their only solution.

Spain is one of the most popular places for British expats to go when they think about starting their own business from home, and it’s not surprising with the relaxed lifestyle and great weather on offer. Many successful businesses are run from home on the Costa del Sol, and hundreds more are being set up every year. If you are planning to move to Spain this year to start your own company, be sure to do your research into the costs of being self employed before you commit to anything.

If you are thinking about running your own business for the first time in Spain, here are a couple of points to keep in mind;

  • What works as a business in the UK or elsewhere may not work in Spain
  • If you want to apply for a grant, you must have a good business plan, be able to prove your have made investment first yourself, that you are generating employment, and that you have the spirit of success.
  • Be prepared to live without income until you start making a profit, while bearing in mind you will still have your social security and accountancy fees to pay every month.
  • Prove yourself – Be happy to offer your services for free or at a discount to start with to selected people or networking groups, this will help to establish yourself as a business people can trust, and gain loyal clients.

Visit our website to view our range of affordable long term rental homes on the Costa del Sol, and find the perfect base for your business. Working from home in Spain can be a very rewarding experience, and we can help you find the right property to get started.