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Andalucia is a great place to work

Andalucia is a great place to work

Relocating to the Costa del Sol is a dream for many, and Andalucia is the third most popular place for those from abroad to work in Spain. Living and working on the Costa del Sol offers amazing lifestyle benefits for expats such as great climate, more relaxed way of life, access to amazing sports facilities and a brilliant family life. According to a report from the Ministry of Employment and Social Security released in August, at the end of July there were 189,802 non-Spanish workers paying into the system, a nearly 5% increase compared to last year.

The increase is no surprise, as the economic outlook continues to improve in Spain, the real estate market is starting to really boom again and this is driving employment and positivity in many different fields. There has been a marked increase of job opportunities being advertised, particularly in the real estate and hospitality sectors. If you’re interested in checking out job opportunities and researching into working on the Costa del Sol, read our article about working on the Costa del Sol, where we have links to papers which have good job sections, forums and recruitment agencies to make things easier.

However, be prepared for a shock when you look at salaries, they could be a lot lower than you’re used to at home. Don’t just look at the salary figures though, work out what your living costs will be and then see what you will have in your pocket at the end of the month, you may be surprised just how well off you feel, even taking a drop in salary. It’s also amazing what a great life you can have here and spend very little; this is definitely not just a numbers game!

We are passionate believers in the quality of life on the Costa del Sol and help thousands of people each year to relocate by offering them affordable long term rental properties and plenty of advice and on the ground expertise. We have all lived here for a long time and so have probably been through what you’re going through and we love it here. Check out our 7 reasons why expats love the Costa del Sol we hope it will inspire you to take the plunge.

It’s a good idea to try before you buy and rent long term before putting a foot on the property ladder. This enables you to try a few different areas and be flexible enough to chop and change if job opportunities or schools take you to a new area. With long term rentals starting at just 400€ per month here and the rental market in the UK being so strong, you can probably rent out your current property and rake in a tidy profit compared to renting here. This not only gives you some income, it also makes the move less daunting, as you still have a property back home and can always go back if your situation changes.

We have lots of great information about living in Spain on our website, including the vital things to know about healthcare, education and learning the language, so please have a browse. If you like the sound of life here, get in touch with us and find out how we can help make it happen!

Working on the Costa del Sol

bigstock-Image-of-businessman-running-a-56868947Are you dreaming of relocating to the Costa del Sol, but are concerned by newspaper reports about high unemployment and don’t know if you’ll be able to find work? The great news is that things are most definitely looking up! Despite worries that the Greek debt crisis would negatively impact Spain, a recent study by Markit has revealed that Spain was actually the best performer of the Eurozone’s big four, leading the way out of recession with steady growth at around 0.4% per quarter. Read more

We’re seeing first hand that job offers are increasing all the time, especially in the real estate sector, where there is a lot of recruitment for sales staff, telemarketers and administrators to respond to the growing demand. Unlike before, the better real estate companies are offering a basic salary plus commission, so if you are comfortable with sales then this is a great opportunity to make an excellent living.

The recovery of the real estate sector sparks business in all areas of the Costa del Sol, although this takes a little longer to filter through. To see job opportunities we recommend reading the newspaper Sur in English online, as this has the best job section. You can also sign up to recruitment agencies such as Howard Bond Recruitment and look at job boards on websites such as Costa Women (link) and Think Spain.

International schools are also good employers and often look for qualified teachers, as there is a high turnover of staff travelling the world with their work. So if you’re a teacher wanting to travel, then make a list of all the schools in the area by searching and send CVs to them to see what they’ve got.

One interesting option for career opportunities is Gibraltar, a thriving economy which was largely unaffected by the global slow down. Banking, online gaming and financial services are very strong in Gibraltar and there are a lot of opportunities for customer service staff, IT and marketing amongst others. The salaries in Gibraltar are very competitive and what many people do is base themselves on the western Costa del Sol, such as Estepona, Manilva and Sotogrande and then commute into Gibraltar, leaving their cars on the Spanish side and cycling, walking or taking a moped into Gibraltar to avoid the boarder queues. There are a number of specialist recruitment companies for this area such as SRG who can help you to find the right position.

There are options out there, but you need to know that in Spain salaries are significantly lower than in the UK. However, when calculating things know that the rent and cost of living is a lot lower too, so many of our long term tenants report that they feel a lot richer living in the Costa del Sol, even when they take a salary reduction. For example, you could rent a three bedroom apartment in Calahonda for just 575€ per month, a fraction of the cost of rental in London and the South East of England!

Please contact us or browse our website for long term rental properties and we can let you know costs of living on the Costa del Sol, so you can make that dream an affordable reality.

Come and join one of the most exciting companies on the Costa Del Sol

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT required for busy Elviria-based property management company. Must be native English speaking and hard-working, with lively personality. FLUENT SPANISH AND COMPUTER LITERACY ESSENTIAL. Send CV with covering letter to