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Keep up to date with your local and national holidays

Living in Spain can offers you a more relaxed lifestyle, fantastic weather, food and plenty of culture. As if this wasn’t enough, you also enjoy the most bank holidays in Europe with a whole host of national and local holiday days to experience.

The holiday days are a great excuse for a party and a fantastic part of Spanish life, but it can be hard to keep track of when they are and what this means in terms of shop opening times, parades and even road closures for parades. If there is a holiday on a Thursday or a Tuesday, the Spanish like to take a “Puente” or a bridge day to take them to the weekend, so you can be caught out by finding the shops closed for several days in a row. Website AngloInfo have produced a very useful list of Spanish public holidays, we’d suggest that you go through and mark them in the diary in advance so you can make sure you’ve got the cupboards stocked and can take full advantage of the party!

ADANA Animal Rescue centre, Estepona

Supporting your local charities is a great way to meet people and get involved with your community. We’re helping animal charity ADANA to recruit more volunteers and supporters and thought those people new to the area could really benefit from this opportunity.

ADANA has around 150 dogs in their kennel near to Estepona and is desperately looking for volunteers to walk the dogs and help out around the kennels. They also need people to work in the office helping with administration for the charity.  If you’d like to help, but would prefer not to go up to the kennels, they also have a charity shop which needs volunteers and they run regular coffee mornings and fundraising events which you can attend. For more information on the charity, taken a look at their website or to offer help volunteering email

Finding a job in Spain

Living in Spain is a dream for many expats and thousands of people flock to these sunny shores each year to “live the dream”. Unfortunately (unless you have unlimited money) it’s impossible to live on a permanent holiday and so you have to deal with the reality of finding a job, as well as getting a place to live and making a new set of friends. These are all exciting and daunting steps and it’s helpful to prepare for them before you leave home.

Please bear in mind that Spain is suffering a 20% rate of unemployment, so finding a job can be tough, but there are jobs out there if you are skilled, qualified and flexible. I would suggest the first step before you leave home is to decide which area of Spain you would like to live in. If you don’t speak much Spanish, the Costas are the best choice as there are established expat communities where you can work in English. Continue reading “Finding a job in Spain”