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Your essential feria guide to partying like a local this summer

Your essential feria guide to partying like a local this summer

If you’ve recently started living in Spain and you’re looking for some Spanish culture, plus a really good party, check out our essential feria guide here!

To start with the basics – what is a feria?

It’s the town or village’s main annual party, which normally celebrates their patron saint. Typically, these last a week and feature flamenco (music, dancing and amazing frocks), great food and fairground rides. They have two different sections, the day feria which is dancing, music and food from lunchtime until around 8pm and the night feria, which includes the rides and dancing late into the night.

These are summer parties, starting in June and running through into October and every village and town has them. If you like the feria vibe, you can find one a week through the summer and they are a great way to visit new areas and really enjoy the atmosphere.

What’s the downside?

Some foreigners can’t cope with the volume of the music, the large crowds, and the endless flamenco. It is an assault on the senses, and can seem quite overwhelming at first, but as long as you’re not too sensitive with noise and you like music and dancing, you’ll love it.

When and where should you go?

Well that really depends where your long term rental property is, as it’s a great way to see your local area in it’s most colourful, exuberant state. Check with your local town hall when your feria week is, then consult our list below for the biggest and best, which are worth travelling for –

Marbella Feria 5-11 June

This is one of the first ferias and one of the best. Marbella is the right size for a feria to have a real party atmosphere, without being difficult to get around. The day feria takes part right opposite the Old Town with wonderful sea views, so it’s a lovely spot to party. The night fair takes place up by the La Cañada shopping centre and there are special buses to get you up from the centre if you don’t want to drive. The lovely folk at website Marbella Azul have translated the whole programme into English for you, so you can know what is going on during the week.

San Juan 23 June

This is something which is celebrated all over Andalucia, and is a lovely festival marking the longest day of the year. Everyone heads to the beach for bonfires, bbqs and fireworks. The biggest San Juan celebration takes place in Sabinillas and is amazing. Find out more about San Juan Celebrations

Estepona Feria, first week in July

Estepona is very greedy and has two patron saints, therefore two ferias! The first one is in May, but the July fair is the biggest and the best. There are activities taking place all over the town, but it is centred on the large fairground and sports complex just up the hill from the centre. This is an unusually large and modern space, so is more manageable for those people who struggle with the noise.

Nueva Andalucia Feria, third week in July

This feria is smaller than Marbella, but can be more manageable and has lots of activities for the kids, as well as the usual music, dancing and drinking.

Malaga Feria 11-18 August

This is the biggest party on the Costa del Sol, with thousands and thousands of people descending on the regional capital for a week of fun. There are lots of activities taking place through the town and late night revellers should head to the fairground by the Palacio de Congresos.

Torremolinos Feria 29th September to October 2nd

This is another big one with the day festival in the centre and the night fair on the San Miguel promenade.

San Pedro de Alcantara feria third week October

This is the last main feria of the season and is a great way to experience this popular town in full swing, with lots of great activities and events for all the family. 

This really just scrapes the surface of the brilliant ferias that we can enjoy by living on the Costa del Sol. Your local Town Hall or tourist office are the best source of information on the events taking place in your area. Some expats complain that they don’t know about these things until after they happen, as they aren’t on the grapevine. To be in the loop, keep your eyes open for posters, make sure you’re in the groups on Facebook for your local area and see if your Town Hall foreigners’ department or Feria department has a mailing list.

We’re here to help you enjoy your life on the Costa del Sol to the full by providing high quality long term rentals and insiders’ advice on living and working in this great area. We look forward to hearing from you.  

Costa del Sol Christmas Markets and Events

Costa del Sol Christmas Markets and Events Tis the season to get busy and there’s loads of festive fun to be had in November and December on the Costa del Sol. If it’s your first Christmas renting long term here, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it! Even if you’re not staying for Christmas itself, there are some lovely opportunities to get in the mood and do the Christmas shopping with markets and special events.

Here are just a few –

The Nutcracker Ballet Marbella Theatre 21st November 20.30- A lovely way to start thinking about Christmas is to enjoy the classic tale of the nutcracker, being performed by the Company Russian Classical Ballet More information

ADANA Xmas Fair – 22 November 2015 – Palacio de Congresos, Estepona from 10.30 to 16.00 – Fantastic day out with entertainment and lots of Christmassy stuff.  If you have a business on the Costa del Sol selling gifts then you can also book to have a stand. Enquiries to: or 697-289-922.

Discount Fair Marbella 3-5 December Palacio de Congresos Marbella 10.00-22.00 – Whilst not a Christmas themed event, this is a great place to get your gifts at amazing prices. With over 100 stands to look at and a huge range to choose from, you could get all the shopping done at once and there’s even a rest area, entertainment and a bar to rest those weary feet.

Peppa Pig Festival 12 & 13 December – Palacio de Congresos Marbella – An early Christmas present for the kiddies to experience the magic of Pepper and her friends and play with the characters for 4 unforgettable hours. Choose from a morning or afternoon session, and experience 10 different characters and 9 amazing activities. More information

Arboretum Winter Festival 20th December, Arboretum Marbella – This will be a winter festival outside in the beautiful setting of the edible gardens in Arboretum. There will be stalls, activities for children and the theme will be sustainable Christmas trees, with activities for making trees out of recycled materials. More information

To see what the Town Hall is planning in Marbella over the festive season in English, keep your eye on the Marbella Family Fun Christmas page where they translate the programme as soon as it becomes available.

If you’re looking for a Marbella long term rental for Christmas, please browse our selection of properties or get in touch with us to find out what we have available so you’re in and settled before this very special time of year.

Get to grips with the Spanish holidays!

bigstock-Teenage-flamenco-dancers--81977894We’ve just had Labour Day (Día de los Trabajadores) and then a surprise extra day on Monday when many schools were closed and a lot of expats we know are heading into the summer with trepidation wondering when the next holiday is due.

Did you know that last Sunday was Spanish Mothers’ Day, or did it pass you by? Don’t worry if you missed it, you are not alone, because it is different to the British Mothers’ Day it catches a lot of families living on the Costa del Sol out. The first many of us know is when their child comes back with something from school!

The Spanish love their holidays and they are peppered through the year, giving those expats lucky enough to live on the Costa del Sol a nasty surprise when they suddenly realise their child doesn’t have school, or that all the shops are closed. So here’s our guide for all you long term renters to make sure you don’t miss out, or get taken by surprise!


New Year’s Day


Día de los Reyes Magos/Three Kings


Father Day´s


Maundy Thursday


Good Friday


Easter Sunday


Easter Monday


Labour Day


Mother’s Day


San Juan Night


Feast of the Assumption


Spanish National Day


All Saint’s Day


Día de la Constitución


Feast of the Immaculate Conception


Christmas Day

You will also have your local feria and saint’s day which will be a local holiday, so check your local town hall calendar if you’re not sure. For more advice on living and renting long term on the Costa del Sol please browse our blog or feel free to ask, we’re here to help!

Learning Spanish – Celebrating Spain

dia-d-andaluciaIn Spain, every year on February 28th, Día de Andalucia is celebrated to remember the day that Andalucia became an autonomous community of Spain. It is a great opportunity to celebrate what we love about living on the Costa del Sol and all the fantastic culture, food and traditions in Spain. We therefore thought that we could share a few nice phrases to speak about Spain and all things Spanish!

¿Hace cuánto tiempo estas aquí en España? (How long have you been here in Spain)

Estoy aquí hace …… meses/años, ¿y tú? (I’ve been here for …. months/years, and you?)

¿Dónde vives? (Where do you live?)

Vivo en ……., ¿y tu?  (I live in …. and you)


¿Te gusta España? – Do you like Spain?

Si me gusta mucho – Yes I like it a lot

Me encanta las playas y la clima – I love the beaches and the climate

Me gusta la vida relajada – I like the relaxed life

¿Cual es tu cosa favorita sobre Espana? – What is your favorite thing about Spain?

Me cosa favorita es ……… – My favorite thing is …………


¿Te gusta viajar? Do you like to travel?

Me gusta mucho viajar/No he viajado mucho – I like to travel a lot/I haven’t travelled much

He viajado mucho – I have travelled a lot


¿Has viajado mucho en España?

He visitado muchos lugares en España – I have visited a lot of places in Spain

Hemos estado a Sevilla, Madrid y Granada – We have been to Seville, Madrid and Granada

Creo que Granada es muy bonita, me encanta la Alhambra – I think Granada is very beautiful, I love the Alhambra

¿Donde recomiendas visito en España? – Where would you recommend I visit in Spain?

Recomiendo vas a ……….. – I recommend you visit ………………



¿Te gusta comida española? – Do you like Spanish food?

Mi gusta mucho comida española – I like Spanish food

¿Cuál es tu plato favorito? What is your favorite dish?

Mi encanta paella/albondigas/solomillo/tapas – I love ……

¿Sabes un restaurante bueno cerca de aqui? Do you know a good restaurante close by?

Mi gusta mucho un restaurante se llama …. – I really like a restaurant called ……



España tiene muchas fiestas – Spain has a lot of festivals

¿Cual es tu fiesta favorita? – What is Your favourite festival?

Me gusta mucho los dias de Semana Santa – I really like Easter

¿Has visitado la Tomatina? – Have you been to the Tomatina (the festival where people throw tomatoes)

We hope you love renting long term in Spain as much as we do and that your Spanish is coming along well to help you experience even more about the lifestyle and the people. ¡Hasta la proxima!

Art and Culture on the Costa del Sol

For many artists, Southern Spain is the perfect location to express their creative side and conjure up inspiration for a new masterpiece. With its wealth of historic buildings, beautiful, natural settings and picturesque landscapes, it’s hard not to feel artistic! Apart from the scenic side of things, the Costa del Sol in particular holds many other attractions to aspiring and established artists alike, with workshops, galleries and events being held regularly.

One major event coming up is Arte Marbella, the largest outdoor art festival in Southern Spain. This cultural event is free to the public and this year, they are welcoming submissions from local artists who wish to display their artwork at the festival from 20th-23rd June 2013! The festival Internacional de Arte Marbella will present several genres of art including painting, sculpures, photography, digital art and even Graffiti Art.  This is a great opportunity for any aspiring artists in the area to have their work displayed at a major event – closing date for applications is 30th April 2013. Visit the website to find out more about this festival and submitting your artwork –

There are several art galleries in Marbella including the Houses of Art which promotes high quality contemporary art from established and emerging artists. The Red Penguin Art Gallery holds different exhibitions every six weeks and works closely with four other major galleries in Spain. This gallery also does well to put Marbella on the cultural map with their presence at top art fairs around the world and contributions to new art magazine, Artmosphere.

For high quality art lectures, workshops and social activities there are specialist organisations such as the Costa del Sol Decorative and Fine Art Society who welcome art lovers from all over the world. This is a great way to network with people who share your interests in art and culture. The Costa del Sol DFAS are also celebrating their 25th anniversary this year and will be holding a spectacular event to mark the occasion!

You can find out about many more public and private art galleries on the Costa del Sol as well as various art networks, photography clubs and activities on websites like

If you are an artist in the area looking for the perfect place to base yourself, we can help you find your ideal home and with flexible long term contracts available, you will still feel free as a bird! Whether you prefer to be in the centre of the action or somewhere secluded and tranquil, we can help find the right property to enhance your creativity. Visit our website for a list of properties available for rent on the Costa del Sol.