En el Jardín – In the Garden

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If you’ve just moved to Spain and have settled in your new long-term rental on the Costa del Sol, then why not make your new house a home, starting with a touch of gardening. Spring has sprung, and for all of you with green fingers we’ve put together some gardening Spanish phrases and vocabulary to help you on your way.

En el Jardín – In the Garden

Hace falta desherbarlo. – It needs to be watered

Hace falta regarlo. – It needs to be watered.

Hace falta cortar el césped. – The grass needs to be cut.

¿Cuándo hay que sembrarlo? – When does it need to be seeded?

¿Cuándo hay que podarlo? – When does it need to be pruned?

¿Cuándo hay que plantar los semilleros? – When do the seedlings need to be planted?

¿Se necesita abono / herbicida? Does it need fertilizer / weed killer?

¿Están maduras? – Are they ripe?

¿Se necesita más / menos agua? – Does it need more / less water?

Tiene pulgón. – It’s got greenfly

Cultivar – to grow, regar – to water, plantar – to plant, cavar – to dig, coger – to pick, la horca – garden fork, el rastrillo – rake, la pala – spade, la carretilla – wheel barrow, la manguera – hose, la regadera – watering can, el cortacésped – lawn mower, la azada – hoe, el arríate – flower bed, la flor –flower, la planta – plant, el árbol – tree, el arbusto – bush/shrub, las malas hierbas – weeds, las hierbas finas – herbs, el bulbo – bulb, la avispa – wasp, la mosca – fly, la abeja – bee, la araña – spider, la hormiga – ant

Michelle Lewis is a Spanish Teacher, Translator and Interpreter. She can help with a wide range of issues in Spanish including; NIE, residency, registering at the medical centre, medical appointments, importation of cars, problems with the Town Hall, the gestor, the police, or Telefonica. Email michellejlewis@hotmail.com or call 680 155 254 for more information.

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