Expats – Don’t worry about whether the UK will leave the EU

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bigstock-Brexit-text-with-British-and-E-93444095Since the topic of the EU referendum has been in the news, we’ve had a lot of our long term rental tenants on the Costa del Sol concerned about how it would affect them if the UK did choose to leave the EU. There were fears that we’d all have to return to the UK or become illegal immigrants! So we were really pleased to read an article in the Telegraph at the end of June that these fears were not grounded in legal fact.

The article states that in the case that the UK did leave the EU, British expats would be protected by the Vienna Convention, which means that people living in an EU country before any exit would have “acquired right” to remain in Spain legally, as when they moved this was sanctioned by law and the “the EU’s freedom of movement rights would be honoured for all those citizens who reside in other EEA nations prior to any Treaty changes”. Read the full article here So the 55,000+ British expats living in the Malaga province can relax and enjoy the great lifestyle on the Costa del Sol without worrying about what may happen in the referendum.

Another concern which we are seeing is the impact of the crisis in Greece on Spain, commentators have said that if they leave the EU then it could be a signal to Spain, Portugal and Italy that they could leave too, but with Spain having adopted the austerity measures and now coming out of crisis, there is little suggestion that they would really want to come out of the EU. In fact the signs for the whole economy are excellent, with a recent IMF report predicting that by the end of 2015 growth will be over 3%! This growth and positivity and the improving property market will lead to more jobs and opportunities for people in Spain, so there’s lots of reasons to be cheerful.

In our experience most people relocating to Spain love it so much they never want to leave, but if you’re not sure, then a good move is to rent long term first and then decide your long term future later when you’ve had a chance to try it out for yourselves.  You can check out our selection of long term properties in your favourite area by using our click and view interactive map, or if you’re not sure where you want to live don’t worry, our experience team of long term rental specialists can help you find the perfect place.

One thought on “Expats – Don’t worry about whether the UK will leave the EU”

  1. What they fail to mention in this article is that the Vienna convention does not apply to Expats in all EU countries. (Only Spain and a couple of others are covered by this treaty, but every single British expat in the other 20+ EU countries WILL legally be required to come back to live in the UK!!) There are over 2 million of us Brits in this situation, many of which are married to EU citizens of the EU country we currently reside in. (And that’s not even counting children they might have together!) So trust me, THIS WILL GET COMPLICATED!! What it would mean is that it will split up entire families (by the millions), and those of us coming back are going to be so angry at any politician who enabled this to happen via Brexit, that whatever political party does this will not make it past the next Election! Reason being is it won’t just be the pro Europeans still living in England that will vote that politician the hell out, it’ll also be all the British Expats whose lives the Brexit destroyed that will be voting with them!! WITH A PASSION!! Previously, it was thought that they could get around the loophole by banning expats from voting, but as a Brexit means we will all be back in Britain (by law, whether we want to or not) it also means that the sneaky little loophole of banning our votes WON’T WORK! (Being back in the UK we will be eligible to vote) and I guarantee you it is the first thing we are going to do! (and let’s just say no pro-Brexit politician would ever make it past the next Election! So for everyone in UK that still wants a Brexit, the smartest way to be able to acheive this without the backlash of angry Expats ruining your plan through unwillful mandatory re-migration back to the UK, is to lobby for the Vienna treaty to be made valid for British Expats in ALL EU countries. That way, we wouldn’t even want to come back! Surely that would be a win/win!

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