Experiences of international schools on the Costa del Sol

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International Schools on The Costa del Sol

When people consider relocating to the Costa del Sol and renting long term, one of the most popular questions we get asked about is what is international education like here and what does it mean to live and study in Spain. Usually we answer this from our own perspective, but today we decided to organize an interview with a student of Sotogrande International School , to see what it’s actually like “from the inside”.

HomeRental: Why did you decide to move to Spain and choose Sotogrande International School?

Inna Kuzminykh: Originally studying in Russia, I used to spend summer holidays on the Costa del Sol, but then my parents offered me to stay and go to international school here.  We did some research and the best option was SIS, as it was also a boarding school.

HomeRental: Was it hard to get in to the school? Did you have to pass any exams?

Inna Kuzminykh: I obviously had to go through some exams, but I passed them easily and got accepted to 11th grade (M5).

HomeRental: What Education programs does the school offer?

Inna Kuzminykh: PYP (Primary Years Program) for younger students, MYB (Middle Years Program) for secondary school and IB Diploma as a highly academic course. I’m finishing the MYP program this year.


HomeRental: How do you find life in a boarding house?

Inna Kuzminykh: I definitely enjoy it! We live in the old San Roque 4 star hotel in single rooms with our own bathrooms. Could it get any better? But it’s not just the living facilities; it’s a whole experience of living with students from all different parts of the world and being a member of this community. All kinds of activities, like golf, polo, tennis and horse riding are provided. The amazing climate is combined with a fun lifestyle.


HomeRental: Was it hard for you to become a part of the school, make friends?

Inna Kuzminykh: Maybe just in the beginning, when it was hard with the different languages, so I had to stick with my native language-speaking students. But after about two weeks I became friends with almost everyone, not just with people from my year (boarding house helped a lot). And in general, everyone is very nice and friendly. There are not very many students here, so we all are like one big family.


HomeRental: What about education in general? How difficult do you find the learning process?

Inna Kuzminykh: Well, I obviously need work a lot not just in school, but at home too. But school has to be challenging and I like having stuff to do all the time. And teachers also help a lot and explain everything very well.

There is a lot of choice in terms of schools on the Costa del Sol, including English, German, Swedish curriculums as well as good quality Spanish education. From nursery level there is bi-lingual options and it’s much more cost-effective compared to other countries. You can check out a list of international schools and we can give you advice on schools depending where you decide to live. Aside from the sun and sea, your children will gain a fantastic education and unforgettable memories. So, if you’re thinking about relocating to the south of Spain , you don’t have to worry about school for your children. There will be something here to suit everyone.

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