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Living in Spain is a dream for many expats and thousands of people flock to these sunny shores each year to “live the dream”. Unfortunately (unless you have unlimited money) it’s impossible to live on a permanent holiday and so you have to deal with the reality of finding a job, as well as getting a place to live and making a new set of friends. These are all exciting and daunting steps and it’s helpful to prepare for them before you leave home.

Please bear in mind that Spain is suffering a 20% rate of unemployment, so finding a job can be tough, but there are jobs out there if you are skilled, qualified and flexible. I would suggest the first step before you leave home is to decide which area of Spain you would like to live in. If you don’t speak much Spanish, the Costas are the best choice as there are established expat communities where you can work in English.

Once you have decided where you go, sign up with some employment agencies and check out the local paper such as the Sur in English for the Costa del Sol. These papers advertise job opportunities in English and will give you an idea of what’s out there. Please note that salaries can be a lot lower here, so make sure you check the package and the costs of living before you take the plunge.

If you have experience in the financial or gaming sector, consider working in Gibraltar and living in Spain as this can allow you to earn a good salary, work in English and still enjoy the perks of the Spanish lifestyle. There are some excellent Gibraltar recruitment agencies to choose from.  

Website AngloInfo has a section on Working in Spain as well as a forum with a jobs board which is really useful. Many people come here to start their own business and if you have an entrepreneurial nature this can be a great way to go. Of course this is a more risky strategy, but it can also be more rewarding! AngloInfo has another great section about Starting a Business in Spain and Accountant Rose & Clavel have some excellent articles about tax and legislation for businesses.

We hope these resources and advice will help you find a great job in Spain. Whilst you are looking we’d suggest renting long-term, so you can experience the lifestyle, try out different areas and be on the ground for interviews and to network. Please visit our website to see our selection of Spain long-term rentals  or email us for more information

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