Five steps to preparing for the new school year in Spain

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Five steps to preparing for the new school year in Spain

Are you and your family ready to return to school after the 12 week summer holiday? We hope you’re all feeling rested and happy and that you enjoyed summer on the Costa del Sol. Renting long term is such a treat over the summer, as you are getting an amazing deal to be in one of the best holiday locations in the world. This is the time you can afford to feel smug knowing you have the pool and beach on your doorstep, as well as gorgeous warm weather and you’re paying the same per month as someone per week short term – it’s a great feeling.

However, September heralds the start of reality again when things need to be organised and you need to get prepared for work and school to begin again in earnest. Despite the length of the holiday, this always seems to come round fast and believe it or not, there’s only a week to get everything in order.

As Costa del Sol long term rental experts with years of experience of bringing up families on the coast, we wanted to share five things to do to prepare for the new school year to help you get ready.

  1. Get the books – For kids 3-5 years old (Infantil) there will be a book list for your year, which is often posted outside the school gates one week before the start of term. However, ordering the books can take longer than this, so to be organised, go along to the bookshop close to your school and ask whether they know the books for your year group and if you can order them. If your child is of primary age, books are free and you should have received a book list and document which shows that you do not have to pay for them (Cheque Libros), take this to your local bookshop and find out if they can accept it.
  2. Restart the normal bedtime routine – Summers on the Costa del Sol are full of late nights and lazy mornings and you need to break this habit and get back into the normal routine to make getting up for school easier. Ease it in slowly, half an hour earlier each evening so the kids don’t feel punished, but they are used to going to bed earlier and waking up earlier too.
  3. Do some homework – As boring as this sounds, kids get out of practice with reading, writing and maths over these long summer holidays, so it’s good practice to do something every day for the last week, so they get back into the swing of things and it’s not such a shock on the first day of term.
  4. Check the school gates or Facebook page or ask questions on the What’s App group – Notices of books, meetings and things to know are posted at the school gates in many schools, but can also be shared online. If you have questions, ask the AMPA (PTA) or in your classes’ What’s App group – there’s lots of great knowledge out there if you’re not afraid to ask.
  5. Enjoy the final week together, rest and create memories – Think about what you haven’t done enough this summer and use this week to tick them off the list and really enjoy your family time together. Once you’re back on the school and work treadmill you’ll have too much to do and too little time, so this last week is precious and should be enjoyed.

If you have any doubts, read our advice for going back to school on the Costa del Sol where we share more tips and insider knowledge. We also have useful information about education in Spain on our website and are always here to help you to find a place to live, answer your questions about long term rentals and offer advice and practical help so you can settle into your life here. Enjoy the final week of summer – see you the other side!  

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