Gardening Tips for the Costa del Sol

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Gardening Tips for the Costa del Sol

We are so lucky to live on the Costa del Sol, as the amazing climate means that, with a little bit of attention and careful watering, you can have a beautiful and productive garden. Even a sunny terrace or patio can be pepped up with pots with herbs, flowers and fruit trees and they really help to keep things cooler as well. If you’re renting long term and still want to create some lovely green areas, by using pots you can just pick them up and move them with you if you decide to change your property.

Back in July we spoke about the joy of growing your own and we’d really recommend it if you can. If you have kids, they will love getting involved in planting things and watching them grow. We’d recommend growing cucumbers from seed, they are so quick to grow and bear fruit that they are perfect for little ones to get involved in and start taking an interest in eating the fruits of your labour too. We’d also recommend strawberry plants and cut and come again lettuce which are really easy to grow, delicious and encourage kids to eat more healthily.

Having plants and flowers not only gives us lots of joy and delicious produce, but also provides homes and food sources for insects, bees and birds. The RSPB recently gave some excellent advice about other ways that we can help birds and butterflies and coax them into our gardens to put on a show for us.

  • Butterflies love to eat mashed banana, so put a little container around chest height amongst the garden foliage to attract beautiful butterflies and give them an energy boost.
  • Attract the birds with a birdbath and/or bird feeder and offer up nuts, seeds, dried fruit and oats so they can come and have a wash and a snack.
  • You can also buy or make insect homes, which will attract insects that can help control pests in the garden, which can save us a fortune in pesticides and are a lot better for the environment of course.

There’s loads of great information and ideas in the give nature a home page on the RSPB website.

If you want a long term rental on the Costa del Sol with a garden, or a south facing patio which you can turn into a lovely green space then let us know. We have a great range of villas, townhouses and apartments with outdoor space to bring you into contact with nature.

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