Growing your own on the Costa del Sol

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Growing your own on the Costa del Sol

Southern Spain is a paradise for keen gardeners, with an amazing climate in which almost anything will grow! You can grow your own fruit, veg and herbs, even if you just have a window box or a terrace, but obviously you’ll have some limitations in terms of what you can have.

There’s an ever increasing interest from people around the Costa del Sol to grow their own, and so organizations and Town Halls are responding by providing allotments for the community.

Arboretum Foundation has launched a new project for Marbella, 70 more organic urban allotments which will encourage sustainable development and bring together the community. This will take the total up to 100 allotments in total, which have been snapped up by keen gardeners in the area.

In May, work began in Casares Costa to create 200 100m2 plots for residents of the area. These plots are particularly designed for retired, unemployed or low income families or individuals to help them to put food on the table.

There are similar projects running in Mijas and in addition to allotments provided by the Town Hall and community groups, it is often possible to rent small pieces of land to grow your own. Speak to your local Town Hall or community group to find out what the options are in your area. If you draw a blank, then why not speak to the owners in your community and find out if they’d be up for creating a community garden in your urbanisation. It’s a great way to bring everyone together and to produce delicious, seasonal, organic fruit and veg.

If you love gardening, tell us when you’re searching for your long term rental and we’ll try and find you a property with a garden, or land. Most villas have decent gardens, many of which have fruit trees and with the permission from the landlord you can create a small veg patch. It’s also amazing what you can grow in pots on a sunny terrace; salad leaves, tomatoes, chillies, cucumber and more can all be very productive in pots if they are well looked after.

If space is important to you, then look further inland around Istan, Ojen and Coin for properties with large plots. Please tell us when you start your search, as we may have to cast our net a little wider than normal if you want a plot to cultivate. However, if you want to make sure that the work you do doesn’t get lost when you move, then an allotment can be a great choice which can keep your long term rental search more flexible and give you more options for locations and property types.

Take a look at our Costa del Sol long term rental properties on our website, or drop us an email with your requirements and we’ll try and find you that perfect place.

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