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If you are looking to relocate to Spain with your family one of the most pressing issues is education. The Spanish education system can be confusing to understand even for those people who speak Spanish and so many people choose International schools as a default, even if it is not the best choice for their family.

If you are in this position and looking for help and advice, take a look at website EyeonSpain. The owners are parents themselves and have gone through this process and asked all the questions. On the back of this experience and lots of research, they have put together an in-depth guide to schools and education in Spain. Include all the vital information as well as an insight into the cultural and social aspects of Spanish schooling and advise on the language barrier and how to overcome it.

This guide can be bought online for 15€ and they are offering a money-back guarantee for anyone who hasn’t found it useful. We hope it helps you get to grips with the education system here. You can buy it on the EyeonSpain website.

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