Having Your Baby in Spain

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Picture courtesy of Mums in Spain

If you are thinking of relocating to the Costa del Sol, renting long-term is a favourite option, leaving you flexible to find out about the area, move around a bit, and fully understand the place before you buy.

Many people choose the Costa del Sol because it’s a great place to bring up a family. The weather’s great and encourages a healthy and active lifestyle, education is good and children can grow up speaking English and Spanish fluently. Spain is a very child-friendly country and you are welcome with children wherever you go, meaning that life as parents is a lot easier and much more fun!

However, having a baby in a foreign country can be a worrying experience, especially if your family aren’t there to support you and you don’t understand the system. The Costa del Sol has some excellent medical facilities for mums-to-be, including public and private options. If you need your doctor to speak English, then you will need to go private, or visit a surgery which offers volunteer translators. However, if you are confident with your Spanish, you will receive excellent care in the public health centres and hospitals such as the modern Costa del Sol hospital.

It’s always reassuring to get information in your mother tongue and there are many websites to offer all the advice and guidance you need. BabyCentre is an excellent resource which will send you weekly emails with the development of your baby according to your due date. If you’d like to contact other foreigners having a baby in Spain and learn from other people’s experiences, the forum and information source Mums in Spain is a great place to visit. Website AngloInfo also has an in-depth article on having a baby in Spain and the steps you need to follow, which is a very useful resource.

If you are relocating to Spain to start a family, we have a great selection of long-term rentals Costa del Sol. It’s a wonderful place for kids and we’d certainly recommend it. Suerte! (Good luck!)

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