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The Spanish healthcare system is generally regarded as very good with modern facilities, low waiting times and good service and treatments. Doctors are mostly quite thorough and the medical staff in hospitals and clinics offer good patient care.

There are different rules for what you are eligible for, depending on whether you are resident or non-resident, but in general what does and does not apply to EU citizens is quite simple.

In brief, if you are planning to live full time in Spain, you will need to become a resident. Once you have received your Residencia, you will need to make monthly Social Security contributions to receive free state healthcare.

If you have a work contract, these payments are usually borne by the company employing you, but if you are planning to be self-employed (Autonomo), you will need to make your own contributions.

Alternatively, there are many Spanish and International private healthcare plans to choose from. Costs for private healthcare vary from company to company, so it is best to shop around to find a policy that suits you best.

For more in-depth information on Healthcare in Spain, we have provided some useful links below: