Help for foreign residents in Fuengirola

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Life on the Costa del Sol is fantastic, with great weather, food, culture and things to do, however sometimes it can be hard to connect with a community when you don’t speak the language.

To combat this, the Foreign Residents’ Department in Fuengirola is teaming up with popular English newspaper Euro Weekly News to produce a municipal bulletin in English. From June all registered foreign residents can request the bulletin by email and get it delivered straight to their inbox. This way they can keep up to date with everything that’s going on, including important legislation changes, events and information.

Marbella has been doing this for a while now and most towns on the Costa del Sol have a dedicated foreigners’ office to help expats navigate the sometimes complicated bureaucracy. Just go to your Town Hall’s website to find your nearest one, we’ve found the Marbella office very helpful when we’ve emailed questions about NIE numbers and Empadronamiento.

It’s really nice to live somewhere that embraces its foreign population and tries to help us to adjust even if our Spanish isn’t that great! I think that’s why so many people come here on a holiday and get stuck, choosing a Costa del Sol long term rental to get a feel for living here and decide on an area and finally go on to buy and settle here. It really is a great place to be.

One thought on “Help for foreign residents in Fuengirola”

  1. WHY??? Why were the fireworks for the feria SO loud and in a residential area??
    Not only is it inconsiderate towards the residents… What about the poor animals who were scared to death.. And as for having all the smoke go across the main road. SO dangerous!!!
    Also the ASH is everywhere.. NO respect for peoples property…. It’s everywhere…. All over houses, gardens. In swimming pools.. On cars… The list goes on… Swimming pool ruined…. So now we all have to clean up!!!!!

    On top of all this the residents have to put up with no sleep.Disrespectful drunk people screaming, shouting, laughing arguing etc etc all hours…. Filthy state of area.. Smashed up cars… Damage to property. People leaving drinks and food everywhere…. People sitting on cars. Putting sticky glasses on top of the roof and bonnet….

    There needs to be a petition

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