¡No Hablo Español! – I don’t speak Spanish!

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Although English is widely spoken on the Costa del Sol, by the Spanish and foreigners alike, the benefits of speaking even just a little Spanish are bountiful.

Not only will it help you integrate more quickly into the Spanish community, as they really appreciate the smallest effort to speak their language, it also opens up a different world of participating in the culture. It also affords you a greater independence and feeling of belonging.

There are countless methods of learning Spanish before you arrive, through self-study tapes and books to full-time or part-time language courses. But if you have arrived in Spain and still don’t know your “hola’s” and “adios’s”, there are many language schools, courses and private tutors to choose from on the Costa del Sol.

The best place to look is in the classified section of the local papers, most of which also have an on-line digital version.