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bigstock-Puzzle-Button-Do-you-speak-sp-79535224The Costa del Sol is one of the most amazing places to live and if you’re thinking of relocating we’d definitely encourage you to take the plunge. There’s so much to offer in terms of climate, lifestyle, sports, great food and more. We believe that you get the most out of living here by making an effort to learn the language and so we cover different useful vocabulary in our Learning Spanish blog posts.

When relocating to Spain, we would recommend that rather than buying straight away, that you start off by renting long term and then invest in a property of your own. This gives you time to be sure where you want to be and have checked out the lifestyle and all its pros and cons and know that you want the Costa del Sol to be your long term home.

We are long term rental experts and can help you find a great property on the Costa del Sol in English, so please don’t hesitate to ask. But if you want to shop around and see what Spanish rental agents have to offer, then here’s the vocabulary you need.

¿Tiene algo para alquilar? – Do you have anything to rent?

Necesito una casa con tres dormitorios. – I need a house with 3 bedrooms.

¿Cuánto es por mes? – How much is it per month?

¿Cuánto es la finanza? – How much is the deposit?

¿El contrato es de seis o once meses? – Is the contract for 6 or 11 months?

¿Es renovable? – Is it renewable?

Con piscina y jardín particular. – With private pool & garden.

Con piscina de comunidad. –  With community pool.   

Está completamente reformada. – It’s completely modernized.

Aparcamiento. – Parking.

Una casa de dos plantas. – A two story house.

doble acristalamiento – double glazing,      armarios empotrados – fitted wardrobes,   cocina amueblada – fitted kitchen,  casa adosada – terraced house,    finca – country house with land,      ático – penthouse,      sótano – basement,      ascensor – lift,   suelos de mármol – marble floors,     luminoso – light

With thanks to Spanish teacher, Translator and Interpreter Michelle Lewis for providing these very helpful terms. Contact her if you need any help with learning Spanish or dealing with the Spanish system. Email michellejlewis@hotmail.com or call 680 155 254.

Please browse our selection of Costa del Sol long term rentals on our website and let us find you the perfect place and explain all the terms and conditions in English. It can remove a lot of the stress from your property search!

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