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bigstock-Diversity-of-Hands-Holding-Nat-62229854The Costa del Sol has a fantastic climate and lifestyle and has been attracting people from all over the world since the 1960s. This has created a unique cosmopolitan location which retains a lot of Spanish charm and character, but has been influenced and enriched by all the cultures and nationalities calling the Costa del Sol their home.

Here you can enjoy almost any cuisine you can think of, with fantastic Spanish restaurants alongside the normal British, American, Chinese and Thai restaurants being easy to find, plus a few new unusual ones popping up, such as a great Korean restaurant in Calahonda and a Georgian Café in San Pedro!

Plus you can hear many languages, join clubs to meet and socialise with people from your country, see performances from artists from around the world and feel the influence of expats on the way of doing business and how technology is being adapted. You get to meet so many interesting, well-travelled people and become a lot more open minded and culturally aware.

At HomeCareontheWeb, we champion integration and learning the language, but also love the diversity and international influence on the Costa del Sol, and so were really interested by a new report into the nationality breakdown of foreigners living in Spain. It revealed that according to statistics (which are often inaccurate due to low levels of foreigners registering to live here) as of 1st January 2015, over 10% of the national population of Spain was not Spanish – over 4.7 million foreigners in total.

The breakdown of nationalities is surprising, with the largest group being Romanian (751,000), followed by Moroccans (749,000) and the British (282,000), then a long way behind are people from Italy (179,000), Bulgaria (142,000), Germany (130,000) and France (99,000). There are also 845,000 people living here from South America and a surprising amount of Chinese (191,000), with only 68,000 Russians in Spain as a whole.

Obviously this is a national picture and the region of the Costa del Sol has a different demographic, with the Scandinavians being an important community and the Russians also playing a major role, and of course the British, with 55,000 in the Malaga province alone. You can read the full article here

We’d like to wish anyone thinking of relocating to the Costa del Sol a very warm welcome – it’s a great place to live wherever you’re from. We can help find long term rental properties throughout the Costa del Sol and also advise you on the best place to live. Depending on your objectives we can show you areas which are particularly popular with certain nationalities or what places are the most international, we can also find you somewhere to immerse yourself in Spanish culture and recommend language schools and ways to integrate yourself and your family. Please browse our website for long term rental properties or contact us and let us know how we can help.

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