Looking after your Mediterranean garden in the winter

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One of the joys of renting long term on the Costa del Sol is looking after your Mediterranean garden. Making sure that it looks as good as possible at every season of the year means you can enjoy sitting on your terrace all year round, basking in the long hours of sunshine.

Because roses are so readily associated with an English country garden, it is sometimes not realised how well they can grow in a Mediterranean climate. They really are quite resilient and need much less water than you think.

Now would be a good time to plant roses in the south of Spain where the temperature does not fall below 10oc, but be sure to choose a day when it is not too windy.

If you already have roses, the middle of winter is the time to transplant. Even in winter there can be hot days so you should water in after transplanting and then keep the soil moist.  And, it is especially important to mulch around the rose to maintain moisture now and throughout the year and of course, mulching also helps to keep down the weeds.

Weeds germinate in winter/spring in a Mediterranean climate and so another task you should be thinking about is getting rid of weeds and as winter approaches, taking preventative action throughout the garden.

By mulching with wood chippings, say a layer of about 10cm, weeds can be controlled fairly effectively, moisture can be retained in the soil and the mulch will break down over time to enrich the soil.  If pebbles are desired for aesthetic reasons it is best to apply over the mulch.

Sometimes gardening can be tricky to keep up with especially if you’re not always in the country, but its well worth the results and can add value to rentals. HomeCareOnTheWeb can put you in touch with recommended professional gardeners on the Costa del Sol who can provide a regular and affordable service, so you know everything is taken care of where ever you are.

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