Malaga’s green experiment

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Spain has been leading the way in green energy for many years, with huge solar parks, grants for installing solar panels available for businesses and individuals and large-scale use of wind power.

The city of Malaga is taking this a big step forward with its Smartcity project. This fantastic forward thinking project aims to abate its CO2 emissions by 6 thousand tons per year through use of innovative and sustainable ways to save energy. The project is led by Endesa and will turn the area of Playa de la Misericordia into a working laboratory on new ways to save energy. In the first four years the project will benefit 300 industrial customers, 900 service providing companies and 11,000 residential customers. Read the press release

Since it’s introduction last year, intelligent electricity meters have been installed in the homes and businesses in the area to help better control energy use. The first of twelve recharge point for electric vehicles has now been installed opposite the Endesa offices to encourage the use of electric vehicles in the city. The next step is to install wind turbines and solar panels on buildings in the area to generate renewable energy. Wind turbines and solar panels will also be fitted to lamp-posts to power them during the night by storing wind and light energy during the day. The lampposts will also use LED bulbs to cut electricity use significantly. The overall aim of the project is to cut energy use by 20% and encourage mainstream use of these green technologies.

This sounds like a fantastic project and if it is a success, expect to see similar schemes rolled out around Spain. If you are relocating to Spain and interested in finding out about grants available for solar energy products, speak to your local town hall, or contact English-speaking companies such as Oasis who are accredited to install solar panels and have access to and information about these grants.

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