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empadronate_ayto-marbellaIf you are living full time in the Marbella district you need to register on the municipal register known as the “padron” in order to show where you live and be able to access services such as healthcare and schooling.

It is really important if you want to see investment in the area you live in, as the number of people registered on the padron is how public funds are allocated to certain areas. The Costa del Sol has suffered for this because there have been such a high number of foreign residents which have not registered and you can see that reflected in the quality of the roads, the schools and the health centres.

Once you have registered you are also able to vote in local or European elections, but you will need to ask for a separate form for this when you are at the office, as you are not automatically added to this list.

It’s easy to register and the Town Halls are really improving the amount of information available to help. There’s a great page on Marbella Exclusive all about registering to live in Marbella and the different ways to do it. There are several offices to register for your padron in the Marbella municipality including in the Plaza de los Naranjos in the Old Town Marbella, Las Chapas, Nueva Andalucia and San Pedro. You need to take your passport, your NIE if you have one, proof of ownership of the property or if you’re renting long term in Marbella a rental contract and in some cases utility bills to prove you live there. Make sure you have copies of all of these and the information for all the people living in the house as everyone will be listed on the padron.

Once you have registered you are on the council’s list, but the physical certificate is only valid for three months, so if you need to register for school for example you will need to go back and request to be issued with another one.

If you have any more questions about renting long term on the Costa del Sol, rental contracts and registration requirements check out our frequently asked questions.

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