More time given to foreign national residents declaring intentions to vote

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Foreign national residents declare intentions to vote

I’ve come across an interesting article on notifying foreign national residents in Spain, that they have been given longer to submit their voting application in the local municipal elections that are due to take place on May 22nd.

If you’re renting long-term in Spain but missed your opportunity to declare your voting intentions back on January 31st, you will now have a chance this week between Monday 4th April- Monday 11th April.

Please note that the extra week does not allow you to register to vote, it only allows you extra time to declare your intention to vote. This extra week has been given to foreign national residents who are already on the municipal census but who have not yet applied to vote. Being part of a local community is important to most foreign national residents, and if you have the right to express your desire to vote then this is the time to take that opportunity.

Mario Bravo, the deputy secretary of the foreign residents’ department for the Mijas Partido Popular expressed his views in the Sur in English article, “We call on all foreigners who are registered to exercise their right to vote and actively participate in municipal life.”

Click here to read the full article.

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