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Living on the Costa del Sol is a dream for many but, unless you’re retired, then either getting a good job or making a success of a business is critical for making that dream a reality. The good news for people looking to move, or living here already is that the worst of the recession has passed and in the main profits are increasing and things are looking up.

Job opportunities on the Costa del Sol and particularly Gibraltar are increasing, and if you have experience, skills and particularly several languages your skills will be in demand. Gibraltar has excellent career opportunities with significantly higher wages than in Spain, but a lot of properties in Gibraltar are in short supply and very expensive. We recommend living somewhere like Sotogrande, Estepona or Manilva where you can rent properties relatively inexpensively and enjoy the Spanish lifestyle whilst working in Gibraltar without too much of a commute.

The Costa del Sol is still a difficult place to run a business, but if you are skilled and entrepreneurial it’s possible to make a good living and give your family an excellent lifestyle. There are also rules that have been introduced to make employing people easier and cheaper which is hoped to make things better for businesses and give the job market a boost.

Networking is a very important way that small businesses succeed on the Costa del Sol, as it offers you contacts, advice and of course potential clients. It is the best way to gain a good reputation and trust relatively quickly which is crucial here. There are many groups set up for this purpose which will suit you depending on your nationality, location, commitments etc and we did a short list a while ago which you can view here .

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