New Changes to Rental Agreements in Spain

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This month the Government has announced new changes to rental agreements in Spain.

Under previous law there was no easy way to evict a tenant without their agreement. If they were up to date with their rent payments and refused to leave, there was little homeowners could do to regain possession of their property for a period of 5 years (this has now been reduced to three years). Evicting a non-paying tenant could also be a slow and frustrating process for homeowners.

From now on if tenants do not keep up with payments they will be notified of a 10 day period in which the balance must be paid. If the balance is not paid without a valid reason, the court will issue an eviction order immediately.

The new law also cuts the maximum legal duration of rental contracts from eight years to four years and if the owner or his family needs the property back, he now only has to give the tenant two months’ notice. Rafael Catalá, Secretary of State for Infrastructure has said that reducing the maximum duration of rental contracts will bring more properties onto the market giving owners more peace of mind.

However there is good news for tenants also. The new law means that tenants may now cancel their rental agreements at any time provided they give at least one months’ notice.

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