Obtaining your NIE number in Marbella

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The NIE Number is a tax identification number in Spain, known in Spanish as the “Número de Identificación de Extranjeros”, issued by the National Police of Spain. If you are living in Spain, it is important to obtain an NIE as it is required for many things, including: the purchase or sale of real estate, businesses or vehicles and also to allow foreigners to work in Spain.

The process is constantly changing and unfortunately it is different in every town, here we will give you instructions on how to get your NIE number in Marbella:

You must go to the police station, for 8.30am and join the queue outside. You must take with you: your passport, a photocopy of your passport and to save time a copy of the NIE application form, which requires you to state your name, date of birth, passport number and address in Spain. You can download this from online and fill it out before you go to save time and make the process a little easier, but it is also possible to obtain it from the Police station.

Once in the queue, you will be issued with a second form and a pink ticket with a number on it. You must take the form along to the bank to pay a fee of € 9.27. There is a bank about 100m down the road from the station. The bank will stamp the form and you must take it back to the Police station, and re-join the queue and wait for your turn, to be let into the police station building.

After a small wait (around 20 minutes) you are able to go inside to the “Departamento de Extranjería”, (first desk on the left as you enter off the stairs) and wait for your number to be called. You must give all documents to a member of staff, a new form is then stamped and given back to you and you are given a day and time to come back to collect your number, in my case it was in 2 days’ time, however this can vary depending on which town you live in. You must bring the stamped form, along with your passport when collecting the NIE.

It is helpful if you can speak some Spanish, or if you have someone who does that can come with you, as the police do not tend to speak much English, however it is not impossible without any Spanish, providing you have the correct documents with you.

The NIE Number itself is issued as an A4 page, with your name, place of birth, nationality and the number itself written on the document, along with a stamp and signature provided by the National Police. Note that once issued, the number will stay with you for life; it will not change, regardless of marital status or name changes.

Once you have you NIE number keep it safe, as you will need it for many things if you intend to stay in Spain long term. For further information visit www.marbella.es  . Something you don’t need an NIE number for is renting long term on the Costa del Sol, to see our list of available properties, visit our website.

3 thoughts on “Obtaining your NIE number in Marbella”

  1. Hi Thank you for useful info.

    However I already have a nie number but have lost my paper.

    Do I have to go through the same procedure.

    Thank you so much for your answer


    1. Hello Klas,
      You need to go to your local police station to request a duplicate certificate. If you have a record of your NIE number, it will be much easier for them to find you in the database and the process will be much quicker. If you don’t remember your NIE number and they can’t find you in the database, you will probably have to apply for a new one.

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