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1. How can I feature my long-term rental property on your website?

All you have to do is call our office on (0034) 952 83 95 95 and ask to speak to someone in our Long-Term Rentals department. Once you have subscribed to our basic Keyholding Service our team will visit your property, write descriptions, take photographs and make recommendations for rental fees, all of which will be sent to you for approval, and then this information is uploaded to our website and instantly available through the worldwide web and our network of letting partners.

2. Who sets the rental price for my property?

With our extensive knowledge of the rental market we will make recommendations as to what level of rental fees would be advisable to ensure that your property is competitively priced in the market place. We would agree the final price with you before publishing this on our website.

3. How do you market the long-term properties on your site?

Our website is continually optimized to ensure that it is found by all the major search engines. In addition we do regular mailings to prospective tenants who have visited our website and also to our network of lettings partners.

4. How long are the contracts for?

The contract will be for a fixed term of a minimum of six months, to a maximum of five years, however, most of our contracts are for 12 months.

5. What happens if tenants don’t pay the rent?

When the tenant signs the rental contract they also sign an arbitration document which is provided by a company called Arrenta. In the event of any dispute between the tenant and the owner, the arbitration process is used to resolve such issues. Prior to arbitration taking place, we would have had contact with the tenant to try to effect payment of rent without having to resort to legal means.

6. When can I put the rent up?

Normally rents are reviewed at the end of the tenancy unless otherwise specified in the rental agreement, for instance in a tenancy spanning a number of years.

7. When do I get my rent paid?

You would normally receive your rent one month in arrears. For example, if the rent is due in January, and it is paid on time by the tenant, the money will be transferred to you at the end of February.

8. How do you check references?

The tenant provides us with two references, one work or bank reference and one personal character reference. We contact the person who has written the reference, using the telephone number provided, and confirm that they can verify its contents.

If you have any questions about renting your property with us please contact our helpful team by email by phone (0034) 952 83 95 95 or via our Contact page