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For January’s monthly Spanish lesson, here are some key phrases to make sure you’ll be able to find your way around this year.

This is a vital area of Spanish if you’re trying to explore a new area and if you’re renting long-term on the Costa del Sol there are so many places to visit that you’re spoilt for choice! 

¿ Perdone, dónde está la catedral? – Excuse me, where is the cathedral?      

 Lo siento, no lo sé, no soy de aquí. – I´m sorry, I dont know, I´m not from round here.

Gire a la izquierda. – turn left

Gire a la derecha. – turn right

Siga todo recto. – go straight on.

Coja la segunda a la derecha / izquierda. – take the second on the right / left.

Dé la vuelta – turn around.

Cruce el semáforo. – cross the traffic lights 

En la glorieta, coja la segunda salida. – take the second exit on the roundabout.

¿Está lejos? – Is it far?

No, son veinte minutos andando. – No, it’s 20 minutes walking.

Está lejos, hay que ir en coche. – It’s far; you have to go by car.

Pregunte otra vez al cruce. – ask again at the crossroads.

Está por aquí – it’s this way.

(la oficina de) correos – post office,      la comisaría – main police station,      la estación de trenes – train station,    la parada de autobús – bus stop,    el ayuntamiento – town hall,      el casco antiguo – old centre,      el castillo – castle,      el centro de salud – health centre,      el hospital – hospital,    el estanco – tobacco store,      el museo – the museum.   

el puente – bridge,      la carretera – main road,      paso de cebra – zebra crossing,      la torre – tower,      el semáforo – traffic lights,      la farola – lamp post,      el edificio – building,      el arco – the arch,      las afueras – outskirts,      la plaza – square,      el callejón – alley,      la calle – street,      el muro  – the wall,      la fuente –fountain      

Michelle Lewis is a Spanish Teacher, Translator and Interpreter. She can help with a wide range of issues in Spanish including; NIE, residency, registering at the medical centre, medical appointments, importation of cars, problems with the Town Hall, the gestor, the police, or Telefonica. Email or call 680 155 254 for more information.

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