Protecting your deposit when renting long-term

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There was an alarming article in the12/03/10 issue of the Sur in English about tenants who have been poorly treated by their landlords, looked after the property well and then been deducted some or all of their deposit for unwarranted cleaning, gardening or electricity bills. This is a scary time for a long-term tenant as the landlord has the money, they are moving out and their only recourse is to resort to legal action to get back money which is rightfully theirs!

We believe that both tenant and owner should be protected from these kinds of problems. For this reason, we try to encourage landlords to take our property management packages from our HomeCareontheWeb division in order to support both the tenant and the owner during the tenancy. Please ask which of our rentals homes are managed directly by us, as these properties will give you the peace of mind that there is an independent party taking care of the property for you.

Not only do we visit the property once a month to find out about and fix any problems which arise with the property while you are living there, but we also do full inspections before you move in and after you leave. We carefully evaluate whether there is anything in the property that has been damaged beyond the normal wear and tear of tenancy and whether you have left it clean and tidy, so that minimal professional cleaning is required.

As part of our all-inclusive property management package we arrange for electricity bills to be put in your name, so that you know exactly how much they cost, and also have the security of being able to pay them yourself without leaving things to chance.  We also collect and hold your security deposit on your behalf so you know it’s safe, and you will get every cent back if you have behaved as the model tenant!

We find that by taking care of all of these typically sticky problems throughout the tenancy that by the end of your rental period all parties are happy and no issues arise with the deposit. If they do, we also have access to an official arbitration process to support you. If you’d like to find out more about our long-term rental services or search for long term rentals on the Costa del Sol please visit our website or email us on

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