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early retirementSpain is a brilliant place to choose for a more relaxed retirement. There’s a great climate, positive attitude to the elderly and lots of opportunities to stay active and healthy on the golf courses and as part of the many clubs and societies.

Things to be aware of for a great retirement on the Costa del Sol:

  • The fluctuating exchange rate can affect pensioners for good and bad so factor this in when working out your funds – there are some exchange companies which offer the option to peg the transfers to a particular exchange rate, so shop around for the best option for you
  • If you’re retiring early, be aware of the change to the residual S1 payments which formally entitled those retiring early up to 30 months of UK funded healthcare; however now those under 65 will need to get private medical cover. There are lots of good healthcare options in Spain and they are reasonably priced so don’t worry and after the age of 65 the S1 forms will still be issued
  • Think of the future – When choosing a home and location, think ahead on what will suit you a few years down the line as well as right now, especially if you’re buying. Alternatively, stay flexible and rent long term on the Costa del Sol so you can chop and change as you grow older. This allows you to live the dream now (whatever that might be) and then make the move to a more accessible one story villa or apartment for example when getting around isn’t so easy and your priorities change.
  • Avoid loneliness by being active and getting involved – It can be hard to start a new life at a later stage and it can get lonely if you don’t make an effort. Make connections online before you arrive via Facebook groups, websites and expat forums and you can get to know people before you arrive. Then join some clubs, start language lessons, join your local golf course and pop to your local bar to start to get to know people so you don’t feel lonely. This really makes a difference as whether you can make retirement in Spain work for you.

We have loads more useful information on relocating to Spain on our website. HomeRentalontheWeb can help you to find a great long term rental property to allow you to enjoy your retirement on the Costa del Sol to the full. Plus we can advise you on the best areas for certain interests, public transport, hospitals etc. Please feel free to give us a call on 0034 952 83 95 95 or email to find out more.

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