Sending and Receiving Christmas mail on the Costa del Sol

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The Christmas season is fast approaching and the shops are already brimming with food and gifts for the merry occasion.  Many of us have friends and family that we won’t be able to see this Christmas but would like to send a card or present to instead, however it’s no secret that the Spanish postal service is less than reliable…

People who live in more rural areas of Spain will know that they don’t have a postal address at all, let alone a postman to deliver the mail. So how can we send and receive Christmas presents and cards in Spain safely and in time for the big day? There are various companies who offer very reasonable rates for delivering and collecting parcels from all over world – is a great site and easy to use so you can send parcels just about anywhere.

Some expats decide to rent a PO BOX address while living in Spain so they have a secure place to receive their mail which is great although it can seem like you’re paying an arm and a leg if you don’t use it very often. If you would like a safe place to have your parcels and mail delivered to, HomeCareOnTheWeb can take care of it for you at our office until you come to collect it. Visit our website for more information about the handy services on the Costa del Sol  provided by HomeCareOnTheWeb.

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