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Although for many non-Spaniards the ethics of bullfighting are questionable, what is beyond doubt is the sport’s enduring status as one of the defining icons of Spanish cultural heritage. Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles were both fascinated by the art, so much so that Hemingway immortalised bullfighting in his book “Death in the Afternoon”, whilst Welles’ immersed himself so deeply in the bullfighting world, his ashes are interred in a well in the country estate of a Spanish bullfighting legend called Antonio Ordoñez.

If you want to go along and see the spectacle for yourself, the bullfighting season runs between April and October and throughout the season bullfights featuring some of Spain’s most celebrated bullfighters or ‘Toreros’ are staged at both Marbella’s bullring and at the bullring just outside Puerto Banus. Tickets can be bought on the day of the fight from vendors outside the bullring.

One word of advice though, it’s worth spending a little extra to get seats in the shade, especially in summer or if you’re taking children or if you’re at all worried about safety. Bulls have been known to leap the protective wall that separates the crowd from the ring, so perhaps choosing seats further up in the stand is a wise move.

In August, Catalonia took the big step of banning bullfighting and there’s concern that this will open the flood gates for other areas with strong opposition to this traditional sport. If you want to experience the spectacle of the bullfight for yourself make sure you take the time to do it now before the tide starts turning and more bullrings start closing down.

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