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healthcareGreat news for anyone renting long term on the Costa del Sol is that that according to Bloomberg, Spain has the 5th most efficient health care system in the world and the most efficient in Europe. There is an average life expectancy of 82.3 years, compared to 80.8 in the UK, due in part to the better lifestyle, weather and healthy Mediterranean diet.

We have many people renting with us who have retired here and say they feel better than they have for years. They are keeping their minds busy with lots of clubs, societies and language learning and their bodies moving with golf, swimming and walking incorporated into their daily life. Spain really is a lovely place to grow old and stay young at heart!

Should you fall ill the public health service is excellent (as well as highly efficient) with some of the leading specialists and facilities available for more serious conditions and many local GP surgeries. There are translation services available in many doctors’ surgeries and through the service Salud Responde which allows expats to call a special number and have help with communicating with medical professionals during their appointments.

In order to register for the national health system you need a social security number, to be paying your social security payments and be registered on your council’s register (empadronamiento). You then get issued with a green medical card and can take your padron to the surgery to register.

If it seems a bit difficult in Spanish, or you don’t want to wait, there are lots of private options as well, which you can read about in one of our past blog posts about accessing healthcare in Spain

If you are relocating to Spain and want to find a place to live and get insiders information don’t hesitate to get in touch. As well as a great network of long term rental properties on the Costa del Sol, our team are all here enjoying the Spanish dream and can give you information, advice and insight, we also have a number of useful guides on the area to help before you arrive and whilst you’re settling in.

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