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If you love Spain and everything to do with it, or are simply looking for fun ways to improve your Spanish, watching Spanish films is a great way to go.

Pedro Almodóvar Caballero is probably Spain’s most famous director who brought Penelope Cruz to our screens, won an Oscar and has raised the profile of Spanish film making like no other. However, there are lots of excellent actors and directors producing Spanish movies and I was really pleased to see a list of Top 5 Spanish Films on Eye on Spain last month.

This list of recommended Spanish films that we should all see features:

Y Tu Mamá También
Maria Llena Eres De Gracia (Maria Full of Grace)
El Laberinto Del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth)
Sin Nombre (Without Name)

I would also add to that list Motorcycle Diaries which is the story of Che Guevara’s motorcycle trip around South America which set him on the road to being a revolutionary. I found it a fascinating film and Gael García Bernal plays a great Che.

There’s a few recommendations to snuggle down with over Christmas! Let us know if we’ve missed any of your favourites.

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