Spanish phrases about love

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In preparation for Saint Valentine’s Day, this month we have some great Spanish phrases all about love to help you be a real Cassanova and find love in Spain. Good luck!

El día de los enamorados. – St. Valentines day.

Te quiero muchísimo. – I love you a lot.

Te amo – I love you.  (Yes, in Spanish there are two ways to say this!)

Están enamorados. – They are in love.

Están prometidos. – They are engaged.

Es mi novio/a. – He/she is my boyfriend/girlfriend.

Vamos a casarnos. – We’re going to get married.

Te adoro con todo mi corazón.- I adore you with all my heart.

Dame un beso. – Give me a kiss.

¿Tienes novio/a? – Have you got a boyfriend/girlfriend? 

¿Te gustaría tomar algo? – Would you like a drink?

¡Cásate conmigo! – Marry me!

Eres el amor de mi vida. – You´re the love of my life.

una cita – a date,      un ramo de flores- a bunch of flowers,      la pasión – passion,      mi amante – my lover,      un abrazo – a hug,     un beso – a kiss,    querido mío/querida mía – my dear,    cariño- darling,    una rosa roja- a red rose,    una caja de bombones- a box of chocolates,     la boda- the wedding,     casarse- to get married,      los novios- the bride and groom,     la enlace – the wedding reception,        San Valentino – Saint Valentine.

Michelle Lewis is a Spanish Teacher, Translator and Interpreter. She can help with a wide range of issues in Spanish including; NIE, residency, registering at the medical centre, medical appointments, importation of cars, problems with the Town Hall, the gestor, the police, or Telefonica. Email or call 680 155 254 for more information.

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