Spanish traffic laws explained

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If you’ve relocated to Spain permanently, are renting long term in Spain, or simply on holiday and will be driving here, you need to understand the traffic laws relating to foreign plated cars, driving licences and how to deal with the situation when you have broken one of the rules and been caught.

This is the subject of a lot of debate in the expat community and you will often see contradictory information on forums and websites.

To help you get to grips with these laws and keep you out of trouble, website Family Life in Spain is producing a series of posts about different aspects of the Spanish traffic laws.  Including, How to Pay Traffic Fines in Spain, Spanish ITV (MOT) on UK Registered Vehicles, Buying and Selling a Spanish Plated Vehicle in Spain and Driving Licences in Spain. They are supported by the Costa Advice Bureau, which offers invaluable support to expats living on the Costa del Sol and has all the latest information on the rules and regulations applying to drivers in Spain.

One very useful post is about the Spanish ITV for UK plated cars and whether you can get this whilst still being on UK plates or not. They will be writing more posts on this subject over the next few months, so make sure you ask your questions on their website, or contact the Costa Advice Bureau for more information.

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