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Residents of the Costa del Sol – Guide to surviving the summer

summer trafficWhen you relocate to the Costa del Sol you think of the summer as the best time of year to be here and your first summer can be a blur of parties, days at the beach and drinks round the pool. However, when you’ve found your long term rental or bought somewhere, got a steady job and have a routine of work and normal life the peak summer season can really start getting you down.

Here are a few tips for coping:


  1. Leave plenty of time to get to meetings and appointments – traffic gets bad, particularly around junctions such as the Puerto Banus-San Pedro tunnel and can lead to jams. If you’re in a hurry, take the toll road, there are rarely hold ups there.
  2. Get ready for the long school holidays – If your kids are in Spanish school they have very long holidays, from 23rd June to the second week in September this year. However, there are a plethora of summer camps to choose from which are both fun and educational and can leave you to work or lead a normal life during July and August but book ahead as they can get booked up.
  3. Don’t expect to find parking easily – In the popular towns such as Marbella and tourist areas like Puerto Banus parking can be very difficult to find, but there are now metered on-street parking which is affordable and you can even sign up to top up the meter via your mobile
  4. Drink plenty of water and remember the sunscreen even if you’re just out and about shopping or having a drink with friends – it can really catch you out!
  5. Remember to enjoy the fun and take part – Go to your town’s local feria, join your friends onto the beach, enjoy your community pool and remember that as a long term rental tenant you are enjoying a wonderful summer in a brilliant place, at the fraction of the cost that holidaymakers are paying

If you haven’t found your perfect long term rental property on the Costa del Sol yet please let us know. There is less availability during the summer season as many owners will rent their property short term, but we can let you know what will be available in September if you can give us your requirements or tell you what’s available if you need a long term rental now.

Things to consider before moving to Spain

People often talk about “living the dream” when they reflect on life in Spain. For those of us lucky enough to live here, there are certainly those moments when you pop down the shops and end up strolling along a palm tree lined beach, or go to a business function by the pool, or enjoy your morning coffee on the terrace in December and you think – wow, what a place! However, like with any place, if you live and work here, you have take the good with the bad. Before coming to find a “dream” in Spain, be realistic that you aren’t moving to be permanently on holiday and that living in another country can be tough.

I would never try to put people off from moving here, it’s a stunning country, with a wonderful lifestyle and I am incredibly glad I came. However, it’s sad to see people come here with unrealistic expectations and then be disappointed, so here are a few things to prepare for. Continue reading “Things to consider before moving to Spain”