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Swimming lessons for children on the Costa del Sol

Cooling off and having fun in the swimming pool is all part of the lifestyle here in sunny Spain. When the summer sun gets too hot, you can’t beat a nice dip in the pool! Of course the kids love it too, making memories to last a lifetime. Unfortunately though, every year there are reports of children having accidents in the pool. The majority of these tragedies happen at the child’s home and some have proven fatal.

Naturally you know it’s essential for parental supervision at all times, we don’t need to tell you that! However children can (and do) still have accidents, even with other adults present! One of the best ways to prepare your child/toddler should an accident occur, is by giving them swimming lessons.

There are some excellent swimming courses available for children and adults in the Marbella area, starting from as little as 4 months old! You may think this is very young to start swimming lessons but really, the earlier the better. Up to the age of one, babies have natural reflexes from being inside the womb, enabling them to swim easily in water. If these reflexes are not used, they will be lost and will have to be learned again at a later stage.

The courses teach young babies and toddlers (without arm-bands on) not to panic or inhale water if they fell into the pool. Toddlers are also taught how to turn themselves over to float on their back and look for the edge of the pool to hold on. As they get older they will learn how to enter the pool safely and a number of other lifesaving skills before they actually learn to swim.

Giving your child swimming lessons from an early age does not guarantee pool safety, but will certainly get them used to being in and under the water, so in the event of an accident your child  would have more chance of remembering what to do from their swimming lessons. Other benefits include better eating and sleeping patterns, children are more alert and it’s very good for their developing muscles, allowing them to move freely long before they can crawl or walk.

The top three baby swimming courses in the Marbella area are;

If you are looking to rent long term on the Costa del Sol there are some great family homes available with private and community swimming pools, so your kids can show you their new found skills!