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Childcare Costa del Sol

Many people choose to rent long-term on the Costa del Sol to try out the area with their families, without committing to a mortgage. It’s a great way to explore, enjoy the healthy lifestyle, and take advantage of what the area has to offer.  Settling in to your new home is a lot easier when you know the children are happy, and have plenty to do.  There are plenty of parks and entertainment that often sees the local kids out until the early hours of the morning having fun!

Moving to Southern Spain with children is great choice for bringing them up in a nice area, where they can learn to speak English and Spanish fluently, and live a more active life. If you are looking for work on the Costa del Sol, it can be a lot more stressful if you have to worry about what to do with the kids when attending interviews, and going to work. After school clubs and babysitting services are a good way to take a weight off your mind.

When it comes to relaxing, it’s also nice to know there is someone there if you and your partner, or friends want time to go out and leave the kids in good hands. Social time is important here, especially if most of your friends and family are in England. So if you’re thinking about childcare in Spain for whatever reason, it’s nice to know there are many services devoted to looking after children, and babies in the area. Most are run by experienced mums, Spanish and English-speaking, and have many years of experience being fully qualified child carers.

Here are a few recommended services for childcare on the Costa del Sol – Recommended by various parents along the coast. Prices are from EUR 10 per hour. – references from numerous 5 star hotels along the coast. – Bilingual Nursery school, offers nursery, babysitting services, and after school activities.