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Some incredibly useful phrases to know in Spanish!

Without a doubt, life in Spain is certainly easier and can be more enjoyable if you learn to speak the language. Everything from socialising and work to shopping and finding your way around may require you to know some Spanish. Many people on the Costa del Sol speak English, however not everyone does and Spanish are polite people so it’s good to make an effort when talking to them. Here are some key phrases that will really help you to settle in and impress your friends and family when they visit your new home this summer!


¿Dónde está ………………….? Where is, just add desired place or object, e.g.:

¿Dónde está el ayuntamiento? – Where is the town hall?


¿Cuánto cuesta? – How much does it cost? (One item)

¿Cuánto es? – How much is it? (End total of a few items)


Se puede …… ( + verb) – Can you ?. e.g.:-

¿Se puede aparcar aquí? – Can you park here?

No se puede – you can´t.

¿Se puede? – could also be use don it’s own to request permission.


Quiero …….(+ object or verb) – I want- (not as rude as it sounds in English!)

    Quiero dos kilos de patatas – I want two kilos of potatoes- (object)


Quiero apuntarme – I want to sign up  (verb)

No quiero – I don’t want to/it.


No sé – I don’t know


Tengo – I have

No tengo – I don’t have

Tienes – Do you have? You have.


Me duele………. ( + body part) – My ……….. hurts

Me duele el tobillo – My ankle hurts


No funciona – It doesn’t work.

Está roto – It’s broken.


Hay – is/are there? , there is/are – (pronounced “eye”)

No hay – there aren´t/isn´t any


Voy a …………..( + place or verb)  – I’m going to ………….

Voy a la playa – I’m going to the beach.- (place)

Voy a comprar pan – I’m going to buy bread.- (verb)

¿Dónde vas? – Where are you going?


No importa – It doesn’t matter.


¿Cuándo es? – When is it?


Es muy importante – It’s very important.


To learn more Spanish you can see our previous blogs with useful phrases to use at the pharmacy and the beauty salon, plus tips for understanding Spanish utility bills.

If you are looking to rent long term on the Costa del Sol this year, visit our website for list of available properties or call us on 952 839 595 with your requirements.




Featured Property – Stunning 3 bedroom Penthouse in Marbella

When planning to move to the Costa del Sol with children the ‘to do’ list can seem never ending with packing, house hunting, school/nursery finding  and naturally you will want everything to be as stress free as possible!

Well you can put the kettle on and give yourself a break, because finding your perfect home could be a lot quicker and easier than you imagine, even if you don’t know the areas very well. With a great selection of properties on the rental market, you are bound to find one that you and the family love, whether it’s a beach, town, or country home you are looking for. Your rental agent will take in your requirements such as needing to be close to a good school, furnished, etc and make sure you have everything you need to feel settled in.

You will also be pleased to know that Spain has just been voted the 2nd best place in the world to bring up children based on 3 main factors of a child’s wellbeing; health, education and nutrition, so you can be rest assured when moving here you are giving your children a great place to grow up in. The superb weather, strong family values and huge choice of outside activities also make the Costa del Sol a firm favourite for families.

If you want to live in one of the most exclusive areas on the Costa del Sol you would imagine having to spend an arm and a leg on rent, but this is not always the case. Take a look at the property below for instance; set in sought-after Elviria Hillside, its perfect for families with three double bedrooms a great size living area and even a tennis court!




















This stunning three bedroom property in Marbella comes fully furnished to a very high standard, has a choice of swimming pools including a children’s pool and is located just 15 minutes from the famous towns of Marbella and Puerto Banus which are known for their fabulous designer boutiques and world class beaches. This lovely penthouse includes all of your home luxuries such as dishwasher, tumble dryer, air-con, SKY TV and much more. All this for just €550 per month!

To view our full list of long term rental homes on the Costa del Sol visit our website or call 952 839 595 for more information.

Featured Long Term Rental Property In Marbella

As we edge closer to the end of the summer season here in Spain, many long term rental properties are becoming vacant for the winter. This means if you are looking for a long term rental home in Spain, now is a great time to start looking.

There are some excellent properties available around the Costa del Sol, and thousands enjoy living here, whether they are right along the coast or up in the mountains. There really is something for everyone.

The great Spanish roads and public transport make it easy to travel around the different areas of the Costa del Sol and the rest of Spain, so you can really explore some great places to live which you might not have previously considered. Continue reading “Featured Long Term Rental Property In Marbella”