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Settling into a new area and trying to make friends in a new language can be daunting. HomeRentalontheWeb can help you find a great Spain long-term rental and we want to give you a bit of help with the langauge too!

This month, our resident Spanish expert Michelle Lewis has put together some useful phrases to ask people how they are and answer in response. This may only be small talk, but it opens the door for getting to know people better, so give it a try at the school gates or at your local shop or bar and see what happens! Just making the effort can open the door to good friendships which will really make you feel at home.

Hola. ¿Qué tal?     –  Hello, how are you?

Bien, ¿y tú?    –         Well, and you?

Muy bien gracias  –  Very well thanks.

Me alegro       –          Glad to hear it.

 ¿Estás bien?  –  Are you ok?

 Estoy   cansado-a / enfermo-a / muy contento-a /  triste  /  estresado-a /   preocupado-a -I’m  tired       /  ill             /  very happy       /   sad     / stressed       /    worried

 Estoy  relajado-a  /  aliviado-a  /  orgulloso-a / desilusionado-a – I’m  relaxed     / relieved       /  proud         / disappointed

 ¿Estás   aburrido-a  /  enfadado-a  /  interesado-a  /  enojado-a  /  seguro-a ? – Are you  bored       /   angry          /   interested     /   annoyed    /  sure  ?

 ¿Estás a gusto  /   tranquilo-a  /  nervioso-a  /  avergonzado-a ?  – Are you    at ease   /   reassured    /    anxious    /  ashamed, embarrassed ?

 (For ladies use the “a” ending, and for the gentlemen use the “o”.)

 Tengo    prisa       /  sueño   /  miedo /  suerte – I´m  in a hurry  /  sleepy  /  afraid  /  lucky

 ¿Tienes   calor  /  frío  /  hambre  /  sed ? – Are you   hot    /   cold  / hungry  / thirsty ? 

 A few false friends not to be mixed up.

 Es sensible        –       He/ she’s  sensitive

Es sensato-a      –       He/ she’s  sensible

Es simpático-a       –  He /she’s  nice, kind

Es comprensivo-a  –  He / she’s sympathetic          

Michelle Lewis is a Spanish Teacher, Translator and Interpretor. She can help with a wide range of issues in Spanish including; NIE, residency, registering at the medical centre, medical appointments, importation of cars, problems with the Town Hall, the gestor, the police, or Telefonica. Email or call 680 155 254 for more information.

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