Tips for making the most of Christmas on the Costa del Sol

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Costa del Sol ChristmasIt’s official – Christmas is here and we’re feeling very festive, with mince pies aplenty in the office. Malaga’s amazing lights were lit at the end of November, all the other towns followed suit at the beginning of December and everything is looking gorgeous. How’s your town looking? We’d love to see pictures!!

When you’re an expat renting on the Costa del Sol, Christmas can feel a little odd. Whilst we’re not complaining, having a sunny Christmas can make you lose that festive feeling, and not having family around can be tough. Don’t worry though, you just need to follow our handy tips and you’ll have a brilliant time.

  • Go to Malaga, marvel at the lights, stock up on Christmas presents on Calle Larios and enjoy a drink and some tapas to rest those aching feet. A visit to see the Malaga lights is a must for a perfect Christmas on the Costa del Sol and sure to get you in the mood.
  • Stock up on your Christmas favourites from a local international supermarket, or take a trip into Gibraltar. Having these goodies around you will make it feel like Christmas no matter where you are.
  • Make sure you’re warm enough – Stock up with wood if you have an open fire, or invest in an oil fuelled radiator and some lovely scented festive candles to make it really cozy and special.
  • Arrange special events – Get together with friends and arrange to have little parties at different houses, a Christmas Eve cocktail party, or a Boxing Day buffet to bring together friends who are staying makes it feel really fun.
  • Check what’s on – The Town Hall often holds events and there are theatre productions such as Swan Lake, but these do not tend to be well publicised in English, so keep your eye on the Town Hall website and posters which should be going up any time now.
  • Take full advantage of the lovely weather – Go and walk along the beach, or collect pine cones and fire wood in the hills and stunning countryside around Marbella, have a game of golf, or arrange a champagne brunch or cocktails on the beach with friends, you’re on the Costa del Sol so why not!!

If you’re feeling chilly and you haven’t found the right long term rental property where you want to spend Christmas don’t panic, we can help you find somewhere warm and comfortable, that will be a great base all year round. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can make sure you’re in and settled in time for Christmas.

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