Update on NIE number changes

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There has been much talk about the changes to NIE numbers in the last few months. Firstly the announcement was made that one could no longer obtain an NIE number through power of attorney, it had to be done by you in person at the local police station which proved inconvenient for many. Information was then published about the NIE number expiring every three months. We confirmed this was slightly misleading and in fact your NIE number stays with you for life, it is just the paper certificate which expires every three months. You can read more about that here.

We can confirm now though that from 13th April 2012, it is possible to obtain an NIE number through the power of attorney once again. This is good news for hundreds of people who come to the Costa del Sol to buy property or long term rent and takes some of the stress out of the process for them.

If you are looking to rent long term on the Costa del Sol this year and would like some helpful information on finding the right property for you, obtaining NIE numbers or any other property related advice please contact us via email  or call us on 0208 123 5853 or  +34 952 839 595.


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