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We’ve asked Spanish Teacher Michelle Lewis to contribute a monthly post for the blog to help our readers improve their Spanish. She’s pulled together a host of useful phrases here to get you started!  

¿Dónde está ………………….? Where is, just add desired place or object, e.g.:

¿Dónde está el ayuntamiento? – Where is the town hall?

¿Cuánto cuesta? – How much does it cost? (One item)

¿Cuánto es? – How much is it? (End total of a few items)

Se puede …… ( + verb) – Can you. e.g.:-

¿Se puede aparcar aquí? – Can you park here?

No se puede – you can´t.

¿Se puede? – could also be used on it’s own to request permission.

Quiero …….(+ object or verb) – I want- (not as rude as it sounds in English!)

Quiero dos kilos de patatas – I want two kilos of potatoes- (object) or:

Quiero registrar – I want to register (verb)

No quiero – I don’t want to/it.

No sé – I don’t know

Tengo – I have

No tengo – I don’t have

Tienes – Do you have? You have.

Me duele………. ( + body part) – My ……….. hurts

Me duele el tobillo – My ankle hurts

No funciona – It doesn’t work.

Está roto – It’s broken.

Hay – is/are there? , there is/are – (pronounced “eye”)

No hay – there aren´t/isn´t any

Voy a …………..( + place or verb)  – I’m going to ………….

Voy a la playa – I’m going to the beach.- (place)

Voy a comprar pan – I’m going to buy bread.- (verb)

¿Dónde vas? – Where are you going?

No importa – It doesn’t matter.

¿Cuándo es? – When is it?

Es muy importante – It’s very important.

Hablas mas despacio – Speak more slowly

¿Hablas ingles? – Do you speak English (only use this if you’re really stuck)

Michelle Lewis is an experienced Spanish Teacher, Translator and Interpretor. She can teach all levels of Spanish from Beginners to Business Spanish and will come to your home or a convenient meeting point. If you want to learn Spanish on your own or in a group email or call 680 155 254 for more information. She’ll be back in September for her next installment!

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